Forklift Theology

Faith musings from the seat of a forklift.

Lying Holidays

  Lying is a serious problem in the United States and much of the civilized world. Too often we tell lies for the sake of convenience or because we don’t … Continue reading

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Pants on Fire

Growing up, I can remember saying things like “Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire”, and other such types of phrases. Honestly, as a fairly popular meme on Facebook says, “Wouldn’t it … Continue reading

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Forgive..the Church?

This is not one of my typical posts. No image this time. Not even remotely warehouse related. I want to talk about forgiveness and the church. I know that for … Continue reading

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This (not so) Flat Earth

Distance and measure are important when shipping. The slightly variance and you could either be claiming too little weight in a load or short (or far) a distance between distribution … Continue reading

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Slipping Away!

I am going to say it. I hate winter. I hate snow. I hate it when the ramps at work get coated in ice and now we either go sliding … Continue reading

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Wait! What? Huh? There is a problem with this picture? Its upside down? Nope. It is right side up. Then the e-rail is upside down. Wrong. Huh? The other end, … Continue reading

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Take a stand.

Sometimes it is hard to get a job done. Even harder when you want to do that job right. Why is that? Mostly it is because of impatient people who … Continue reading

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It that what was really said?

News around the warehouse can be confusing sometimes. Sometimes we don’t understand what was said. Other times we get a message that was already confused. Sometimes it is regarding a … Continue reading

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