Forklift Theology

Faith musings from the seat of a forklift.


People don’t like whistle blowers. Seems that whistle blowers make people uncomfortable. Even worse is when somebody who is a whistle blower is right. Whistle blowers agitate people. What, though, … Continue reading

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What Book?

Books can be a good thing. In business, a book will generally tell you what you need to know to do a certain job. The problem comes when people don’t … Continue reading

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The Guilt Driven Church

Nobody likes feeling guilty. Nobody likes being confronted regarding something. Especially true when being asked about damaged freight. Guilt is a natural reaction to wrong doing, usually. However, sometimes people … Continue reading

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Let’s go to….NOT THAT CHURCH!

Sunday. Park the forklift. Time for church. Which church? That is a good question. I muse on it often. Why do we choose the church we choose? During our pre-service … Continue reading

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Its Tradition

It is the third Sunday in Advent. Gearing up for Christmas. Time to hop off the forklift and change focus again. Then again, its the holidays, it’s time for fun. … Continue reading

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Why Forklift Theology?

Sometimes the question must be asked “Why was that loaded this way?” or “Why did you not load this that way?” For me, the answer will typically have something to … Continue reading

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In Water?

Lets be practical. Getting stuck in a mud puddle sucks. Even more so if you are stuck due to lost traction on one side or the other of a forklift. … Continue reading

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