Forklift Theology

Faith musings from the seat of a forklift.

Do you know?

There are many groups these days trying to push one agenda or another down society’s collective throats. Often they will try to justify themselves by using part of an obscure … Continue reading

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God or “god”?

Everyone seems to have some sort of belief about who they are and how they fit in. It can often be annoying when an employee with only five years on … Continue reading

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Omega Doom

Quiet evening. Time to watch a movie. The question is, what to watch? How about an old favorite, a “B” rated sci-fi called “Omega Doom”? What type of movie is … Continue reading

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Were you there?

Time to step outside the warehouse again. Why? Could be any number of reasons. Mostly, it is just a case of going home from a long day at work. I … Continue reading

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What is that? What on Earth happened? Truthfully, this is something I found on facebook. Looks to me like the load is too heavy for the lift and it may … Continue reading

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In the dictionary I keep up on the bookshelf is the word “gully”, which is a type of valley. Also in that self same dictionary is the word “gullible” which … Continue reading

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