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Computers. What a unique idea. Supposedly they are meant to help make our lives easier. Often times, the opposite may actually be true. Seems like we have found a way … Continue reading

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An Ending….Yet Not.

Businesses all have one thing in common, regardless of what they are set up for. They all have a start and an end. Some don’t last more than a few … Continue reading

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Which way did we go?

Maps are pretty awesome tools. Seriously. A map can get you where you need to go. A map can also get you out of a place that you likely shouldn’t … Continue reading

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Plain Language

Sometimes instructions can be quite confusing. It can get even worse when you are being given instructions while in a noisy space with hearing protection on. It is also quite … Continue reading

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Sometimes things happen that just don’t make sense. Sometimes things happen and you just want to get away. Maybe you just need a vacation, or there is a situation in … Continue reading

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Show me.

Show me. Those two little words can convey a great deal of power. I use this phrase, and some variants of it, during my day to day life. In particular, … Continue reading

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Its rather odd. A warehouse can thrive for many years, and then it is suddenly abandoned, just leaving an empty shell. In like manner, the same can be true of … Continue reading

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He is Risen!

He is Risen! This proclamation was made on this day 2000 years ago. If is a proclamation that resounds through every church since that time. Even today, many churches still … Continue reading

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I Saw the Sign

“The Sign” was a Swedish pop hit around 1994. In 1996 it was the song playing at bar in Bali when a female asked me “Hey baby, what’s your sign”. … Continue reading

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It is never a good thing when a piece of equipment goes down. Over the years that I have worked in shipping I have seen equipment fail at the worst … Continue reading

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