Forklift Theology

Faith musings from the seat of a forklift.


I often read articles on Linkedin regarding how businesses have a high turn over rate, how productive long-term employees seem to suddenly leave for another employer. Quite often, I find … Continue reading

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Standing Around

Standing around doesn’t tend to accomplish much. In fact, standing around will only serve to waste time and possibly cause everyone to hate you. Why? Very simple. When you are … Continue reading

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Let’s face it, betrayal happens. Sometimes its intentional. Sometimes its not. Regardless, nobody likes it when they are betrayed. However, how it happens can shed light on why. Perhaps you … Continue reading

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It is what it is.

Ever been passed up for a promotion? I know how that feels. Happened to me quite recently. We recently had a position open up where I work. Three of us … Continue reading

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