Forklift Theology

Faith musings from the seat of a forklift.

Forklift Theology ruins (not really) the Church.

There really are a lot of shipping companies. Some, like Hanjin, eventually disappear. Oddly enough, churches can be the same way. There are, and have been, many that lasted for … Continue reading

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Records are important. Matters very little if its an audio record (like the one pictured), or a shopping list. The simple fact is that there are a variety of records. … Continue reading

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Hollywood Gospel

Some things never seem to change. Perhaps that is a good thing. I would be seriously surprised to wake up one morning and find that tires on dry pavement had … Continue reading

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What is that all about?

What did you do that for? What is that there? How on Earth did you get that up there? These questions sometimes come up when loading freight. Sometimes they come … Continue reading

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Rainbow (Dis)Connection

Sometime working in the flatbed yard can be interesting. Especially when it rains. If we are lucky, we might get the chance to witness a rainbow. This is especially neat … Continue reading

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