Forklift Theology

Faith musings from the seat of a forklift.

Culture of Hate

I have heard it said, “Those who scream the loudest for tolerance are the least tolerant”. Sadly, looking at Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter, I would have to conclude that it … Continue reading

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Take a Break!

Sometimes we just need to take a break. Over the years, I’ve had times where I just needed to step away for a minute or two, think things over, and … Continue reading

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Tattoos. They are quite popular in our culture. Indeed, as is evident in the image above, some of my co-workers have them. Some, like the one above, are quite awesome … Continue reading

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Let’s Eat!

People certainly love their food, especially when you consider the size of that dish in the picture. Where I work, this is also true. There are two times during the … Continue reading

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Why Me?

Why me? This is a very common question. Usually it is asked when an unpleasant task has been assigned. Honestly, who wants to go outside and chain down a granite … Continue reading

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What smell?

It should go without saying that there are two major smells in most warehouses. One is that of forklift or semi-truck exhaust. The other is body odor. This is not … Continue reading

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Vehicle repair is quite specific, regardless of whether it is a car or a forklift. There are specific things that you must be aware of and/or use. If there is … Continue reading

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Let’s face it, betrayal happens. Sometimes its intentional. Sometimes its not. Regardless, nobody likes it when they are betrayed. However, how it happens can shed light on why. Perhaps you … Continue reading

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Lift it up.

Freight. What a funny thing. Of itself, it just sits there on the warehouse floor, going no place. Simple truth, freight won’t move itself. You can sit there all day … Continue reading

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Where did that come from?

Hooray for mystery freight! You just have to love freight that shows up in a black trailer that is backed into the dock and there is no truck attached and … Continue reading

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