Forklift Theology

Faith musings from the seat of a forklift.

Which Jesus is which?

Sometimes large loads require a pilot vehicle. The reason for this is simple. Some loads are just so large that the truck hauling it needs another vehicle to run ahead, … Continue reading

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Let’s Eat!

People certainly love their food, especially when you consider the size of that dish in the picture. Where I work, this is also true. There are two times during the … Continue reading

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I am not one for writing posts in the middle of the week. Yes, I do have a few odd ones here and there. However, this is not something that … Continue reading

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The human ego is an amazing thing. Somehow we believe that we are the best. Such being the case, we often, and quite mistakenly, believe that we are the right … Continue reading

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Promises, Promises.

Promises. We all make them. Sometimes it is a promise to clean up something at home, or to load a particularly nasty piece of freight. Some promises are more related … Continue reading

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The End. Maybe not.

It is New Year’s Eve. People are already celebrating the end of one year and the beginning of another. Me, I am boiling water to make dinner. I am not … Continue reading

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Wait! What? Huh? There is a problem with this picture? Its upside down? Nope. It is right side up. Then the e-rail is upside down. Wrong. Huh? The other end, … Continue reading

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What smell?

It should go without saying that there are two major smells in most warehouses. One is that of forklift or semi-truck exhaust. The other is body odor. This is not … Continue reading

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Hypocrite Much?

Ever wanted a promotion only to hear “You’re not ready, take this training course and then we’ll talk” only to do so and then hear “OK, you took the course, … Continue reading

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You don’t belong here….do you?

I have often had it said to me “You don’t belong here” or “What are you doing here?”. What does this mean? I suppose it has something to do with … Continue reading

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