Forklift Theology

Faith musings from the seat of a forklift.

Get It Straight

Misinformation can often be a problem in shipping. When something comes in saying it should be shipped dry, yet it has items that are clearly meant to be frozen, or … Continue reading

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Of Companies and Kingdoms

Companies, nations, and kingdoms all have a few things in common. They have a place in time in which they’ve begun. They have a period in which they exist, and … Continue reading

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You’re Fired – Grudge Much?

The last thing anyone at any job wants to hear is the phrase “You’re Fired”. I have been there a couple of times. It is like unto a sucker punch. … Continue reading

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Let’s Eat!

People certainly love their food, especially when you consider the size of that dish in the picture. Where I work, this is also true. There are two times during the … Continue reading

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God Bless America? Seriously?

There are some things that you just shouldn’t do. You should never ship soda, such as 7-Up or Dr. Pepper, in a load of frozen food. Nor should you ever … Continue reading

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Get Ready

We all hate it. Hey, we got visitors coming. We need to get everything cleaned up and ready. Arms length sweep from the wall. Trash cans on spot. Are the … Continue reading

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Lift it up.

Freight. What a funny thing. Of itself, it just sits there on the warehouse floor, going no place. Simple truth, freight won’t move itself. You can sit there all day … Continue reading

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Forcing the Issue.

How often have tried to force the issue? Sometimes it is a piece of freight that doesn’t exactly fit right. Other times it is an issue of not being in … Continue reading

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Moses had led the children of Israel for forty years. Now, Joshua would lead them into the promised land. However, before they could enter, and before he died, Moses had … Continue reading

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