Forklift Theology

Faith musings from the seat of a forklift.


Meetings. Sometimes they really seem rather dull and lackluster. In other words, they suck. Why? Usually because those in attendance feel almost coerced into being there. Matters little if its … Continue reading

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Off Track

Bay doors are quite important. Not only do we back trucks up to them for the sake of loading and unloading, but they are also a part of the physical … Continue reading

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Get Ready

We all hate it. Hey, we got visitors coming. We need to get everything cleaned up and ready. Arms length sweep from the wall. Trash cans on spot. Are the … Continue reading

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Having equipment damaged isn’t a good thing. Its bad enough when such damage is accidental. It becomes worse when the damage is intentional. When this happens, there is most certainly … Continue reading

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Which one do we trust?

Inbound freight has its own unique challenges. Likewise so does outbound freight. However, one challenge that the two share is that of weight. I know that it doesn’t seem to … Continue reading

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