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I often read articles on Linkedin regarding how businesses have a high turn over rate, how productive long-term employees seem to suddenly leave for another employer. Quite often, I find … Continue reading

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Forklift Theology ruins (not really) the Church.

There really are a lot of shipping companies. Some, like Hanjin, eventually disappear. Oddly enough, churches can be the same way. There are, and have been, many that lasted for … Continue reading

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Creosote Christianity

Nothing like a nice warm fire. Especially if it is a wood fired barbecue after a rough day at work. The smell of the burning wood, and the warmth of … Continue reading

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I quit!

There comes a time when everyone considers calling it quits. Sometimes it is because of a change in family status. Other times, it is a case of a better offer. … Continue reading

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Thanks Unforgiving

Some things just don’t belong together, and putting them together is very dangerous, if not volatile. One such example of this is food and corrosives. Simply put, there must be … Continue reading

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Tamper seals are quite useful. They help to ensure that a trailer is not compromised. Part of that is because each seal has a serial number. If a given trailer … Continue reading

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June is here. Yep, for us in the northern hemisphere, that means its getting warmer. For us who are citizens of the United States, it also means that our students … Continue reading

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I don’t need that.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is important when doing some jobs, such as working with spilled battery acid or in loud spaces. However, as important as such things may be, there … Continue reading

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Missing In Action

Calling in sick in never any fun. For me it means laying on the couch all day with a blanket, dozing off and waking at odds times, usually because a … Continue reading

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When it comes to the workplace, we all want equal treatment. Of course, the practical is that we can not be treated equal. A new hire should not have the … Continue reading

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