Forklift Theology

Faith musings from the seat of a forklift.

Called Out.

The term “called out” can depict a couple of different connotations. Depending upon usage, the connotation can be good or it can be bad. Realistically, it just depends on the … Continue reading

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Keys are quite useful. Keys are very useful for unlocking doors and starting vehicles. Imagine arriving at work and finding the building locked. Now what? If you don’t have the … Continue reading

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What is that all about?

What did you do that for? What is that there? How on Earth did you get that up there? These questions sometimes come up when loading freight. Sometimes they come … Continue reading

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By the book.

We humans have an incredible capacity for faith. We seem to believe that our cars will always work right whenever we go out to start them up in the morning. … Continue reading

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Who’s in Charge?

New hires and transfers can cause a shake up in the every day routine. Whether it is sending a loader to help with out in the flat yard or the … Continue reading

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Losing it.

Isn’t it interesting how we can lose freight that we are certain got loaded into a trailer. We might well wonder how freight can get lost in transit, presuming it … Continue reading

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