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Let’s go to….NOT THAT CHURCH!

Sunday. Park the forklift. Time for church. Which church? That is a good question. I muse on it often. Why do we choose the church we choose? During our pre-service … Continue reading

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Play What?

I admit it. I love music. I am primarily a fan of classical music. I can’t say if the music score in the image is classical or something else. Honestly, … Continue reading

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It’s all the same-NOT!

Shipping companies. There are really quite a few of them out there. Why is that? Aren’t they all the same? Not really. Yes, at the most basic level, all shipping … Continue reading

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Dressing for Work

Dress codes, every job seems to have them. Some are better than others. Sadly, some dress codes seem to fail to differentiate between what is appropriate for an office and … Continue reading

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Its just what we do.

I have been involved in freight in one capacity or another for quite some time. How long? Truthfully, I don’t rightly know. My initial forklift training was done while stationed … Continue reading

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Hollywood Gospel

Some things never seem to change. Perhaps that is a good thing. I would be seriously surprised to wake up one morning and find that tires on dry pavement had … Continue reading

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My neighbor’s freight

Damaged freight sucks. Simple truth. It quite difficult for a vendor to sell something, unless the price is discounted, when it was damaged. Sadly, due to the nature of the … Continue reading

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