Forklift Theology

Faith musings from the seat of a forklift.


Holiness is not a normative concept in a warehouse environment. You might get close with the concept of “Sanctified Excrement”. As I prefer not to use profanity on this blog, … Continue reading

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Establishing Authority

We like to think we know who is in charge. Sometimes we are right. Other time, probably not. As humans, I sometimes thing we like to take charge, rather than … Continue reading

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It’s Magic!…..NOT!

I’ve written before about breakage. It really would be nice to be able to say some sort of spell, and undo damage caused to freight. However, that would be magic. … Continue reading

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How does that work?

I can not say that I necessarily understand how a forklift works. Yes, I do know how to operate one, but if asked how it actually works, I would be … Continue reading

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A Request….maybe not?

Sometimes we make requests. One of the most common requests I am familiar with is for time off. This is usually in the form of vacation time or a sick … Continue reading

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Wires Down

Modern life is complicated. We have become quite reliant upon electronics for so many things. I must admit that even I use electronics far more than I used to. Then … Continue reading

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