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I need a leader.

Leadership is a such a buzzword. Seems like there is always somebody saying something about it. You may hear about an “Employee Leadership Pool”. You may hear talk about how … Continue reading

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What Book?

Books can be a good thing. In business, a book will generally tell you what you need to know to do a certain job. The problem comes when people don’t … Continue reading

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It’s all the same-NOT!

Shipping companies. There are really quite a few of them out there. Why is that? Aren’t they all the same? Not really. Yes, at the most basic level, all shipping … Continue reading

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Records are important. Matters very little if its an audio record (like the one pictured), or a shopping list. The simple fact is that there are a variety of records. … Continue reading

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I am not one for writing posts in the middle of the week. Yes, I do have a few odd ones here and there. However, this is not something that … Continue reading

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Show me.

Show me. Those two little words can convey a great deal of power. I use this phrase, and some variants of it, during my day to day life. In particular, … Continue reading

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Radio Theology?

Radio Theology? Seriously? Not really. Alright. I am stepping away from the forklift again. To that end, I suppose I will explain the picture above first. The picture is simply … Continue reading

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Does it REALLY matter?

Well, the Superbowl is over. One team lost and the other team won. Does it matter? Seriously. Does it really matter? I suppose you might attempt to argue that I … Continue reading

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