Forklift Theology

Faith musings from the seat of a forklift.

Omega Doom

Quiet evening. Time to watch a movie. The question is, what to watch? How about an old favorite, a “B” rated sci-fi called “Omega Doom”? What type of movie is … Continue reading

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Standing Around

Standing around doesn’t tend to accomplish much. In fact, standing around will only serve to waste time and possibly cause everyone to hate you. Why? Very simple. When you are … Continue reading

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The Guilt Driven Church

Nobody likes feeling guilty. Nobody likes being confronted regarding something. Especially true when being asked about damaged freight. Guilt is a natural reaction to wrong doing, usually. However, sometimes people … Continue reading

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Let’s go to the…maybe not.

It’s September. Here in Washington, that means it is time for the Puyallup Fair. Truthfully, I hate it. WHAT? I hate the Puyallup Fair. Allow me to explain. I used … Continue reading

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I quit!

There comes a time when everyone considers calling it quits. Sometimes it is because of a change in family status. Other times, it is a case of a better offer. … Continue reading

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