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Culture of Hate

I have heard it said, “Those who scream the loudest for tolerance are the least tolerant”. Sadly, looking at Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter, I would have to conclude that it is true. What do I mean? There is a video that has all but gone viral on Youtube of a feminist dumping a bleach solution on the crotch of men who dare to spread their legs, even slightly, while riding public transit. Not only is that not good for the male or his clothing, but it could also ruin the plastic seats of the bus or train.

Then there are groups like “Antifa”, who claim to be anti-fascist, but their very activities are textbook examples of historical fascist behavior. At the time of this writing, various members of Antifa are busy blocking traffic in Portland Oregon. I already have my reasons for not going to Portland, this just adds to it. The hatred that such groups demonstrate is utterly deplorable.

There are many more examples I could include, including statements by leading leftist democrats (yes, I get how overly redundant this term is), inciting violence against anyone who doesn’t agree with them. However, I leave that for the reader to seek. The bigger concern is how we got to this point. Honestly, it does seem like it all happened overnight, though that is not technically case. This progression could be traced back to the 1960’s or even earlier.

Personally, I would credit Charles Darwin with the beginning of this. With his unproven philosophy of evolution, he gave people a reason to reject God and the church. To date, there is no credible evidence supporting evolution, and even Darwin’s own ideas have been disproven. So who was Darwin? Simply a disgruntled, unforgiving, and disgraced Anglican priest with daddy issues. His entire philosophy of evolution was based on a uniformitarian geology textbook, which was so full of unprovable presumptions, mainstream geologists rightly reject it. Contrary to popular belief, he was not a scientist and was never able to prove any tenents of his philosophy. However, that didn’t stop those who wanted a reason to reject God and the church from doing so. They did all they could to run with Darwin’s postulate, even if it proved utterly false, as it gave them license to do as they pleased, no matter how debased it truly was.

This isn’t to say that people haven’t rejected the church for various reasons over the centuries. They have and there is ample documentation to prove it. However, most of the time, those rejections were for religious reasons, not supposedly scientific reasons. There has always been one group or another that didn’t necessarily agree with a particular teaching of the church and some of those groups have proven more hostile than others. We even see this today, as some churches actively reject whole sections of scripture that they are not comfortable with. Indeed, many are the churches that profess “New Testament Only”, and then leave out the entire book of Romans. Such should not be, yet it is. I can only wonder about what they do regarding those verses that make references to events and individuals that are written of in the Old Testament.

The sad truth is that this hatred we see in our modern culture only continues to get worse. Along with that, is the increased misunderstanding and hatred that is directed towards the church. Yet, it is not the church that is the hostile monster that is attacking people. Rather, the hostile monster is the ever increasing number of Social-Marxists that do not understand the philosophy that they are blindly following and are taught to believe that the church is holding back society. Truth be told, if the church is holding society back at all, is holding society back from self-destruction. It is not in God’s will for us to destroy ourselves, though he has also made it clear that he will allow us to do so up to a certain point, at which time he will personally intervene and stop any further destruction. Many within the church today wonder if we are not fast approaching that point. Rome destroyed itself and there is ample documentary evidence that their society wasn’t much different than ours, minus the technology that so many have come to rely upon.

Is there anything in scripture that I can point to regarding this? Yes. I can point to the first laws given unto Moses by God. These are laws are the Ten Commandments. They are split into two tables. The first table is how we are to interact and otherwise respond to what God has done for us. The other table is how we are to interact with one another. These two tables of the law serve as a guide, a standard, and a curb. They should guide our actions. They should be the standard which we seek to live by. They are there to curb our activities so that we do no harm to others. All these groups who use hatred and violence for their own ends reject these laws for their own, nevermind that they can not truly come up with anything of their own, superior or otherwise.

Hatred and sin are not part of God’s plan for our lives. Love and forgiveness are. Christ Jesus told the disciples that they are to forgive “seventy times seven”. Not a single one of us can remember how often we’ve forgiven somebody, thus it is that we must constantly forgive others who sin against us. Nor are we to commit any violence against our neighbors. Yet, forgiveness is not part and partial to the culture of hate that is prevalent in our modern society. Violence and a deep-seated hunger for power are all that matter, yet they power they crave is not theirs for the taking, nor should it be. As it has been said, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Saint Peter said it best when he was asked by the people what they must do to be saved. He told them to repent and be baptized. He didn’t tell them to pray some prayer, he told them to repent and be baptized. God is not wanting for any of us to perish in everlasting fire, rather he desires that we all believe upon Christ Jesus for the forgiveness of our sins, repent of our hatred, and live lives that reflect Christ and his teachings. Amen.



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