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Suicide 3

While scrolling through my news feed on Google, I noticed that a minor celebrity had committed suicide. While I had never heard of this individual, it is plain to me that they were famous enough that their suicide was considered big news. Sadly, in light of the fact that many celebrities have committed suicide within the last few years, it would seem that suicide is turning into an epidemic. However, I think we really need to ask why would anyone even consider suicide. As it happens, I think I know part of the problem, and bear in mind that I live my own life on the fringe of suicide, so I know this is true.

“You’re worthless”, “You are a happy accident”, “There is no reason for you to exist”, “You didn’t have to be born”, “Your life is meaningless”, and other such phrases would likely get any parent arrested for child abuse. However, we allow and even pay, teachers to tell our children these things in both public and private schools. Don’t believe me? Just check your child’s science textbook. Evolution. There it is.

Evolution is touted as being the scientifically enlightened view of the origin of life. However, what very few don’t know, and even fewer are willing to discuss, is that Charles Darwin was not a scientist. Nope. He was a disgraced and unforgiving Anglican priest with daddy issues. Darwin’s entire philosophy of evolution was due to his refusal to accept Christ’s willingness to forgive our sins, even those of the male role model in his own life. This refusal brought about a nervous breakdown and is what lead to his infamous trip aboard the HMS Beagle, and his being given a book regarding uniformitarian geology, which had now largely been debunked.

Here’s the problem. Evolution’s central message is that we are worthless. Evolution states very clearly that we are just a happy accident, that our lives are absolutely meaningless, and that when we die, it won’t matter. According to evolution, there is no Heaven or Hell, and when we die, there is nothing after this life. This is the message we are paying for our children to hear in schools. We are paying for them to be told that their lives mean nothing. That is child abuse.

The creationist view holds that there is a God and he is the one who created and sustains the totality of the universe. For an evolutionist, this is unacceptable. Yet, when queried about the origin of the universe, the best they can do is attempt to counter with the query as to the origin of God’s existence. Sadly, the concept of a transcendent, infinite, and self-existent being is beyond their comprehension. I am not saying that creationists understand the concept, just that it is easier for the creationist to accept.

We have no evidence that our universe is billions of years old, much less the millions of years old that evolutionists claim. Simple truth, we don’t even know the true age of the earth. Yes, evolutionists can tout radiometric decay rates, saying that those can prove the age of the earth. However, it should be noted that solar flares can alter those radiometric decay rates and we don’t know how many solar flares have happened since our planet first came into existence. Additionally, some solar flares have been shown to dramatically increase or decrease decay rates. Such being the case, radiometric decay rates are not consistent enough to prove anything regarding the age of the earth. All this without having to discuss the existence of soft tissues present in bones that are supposedly millions of years old.

What am I saying? Simple. We are allowing teachers, in the name of evolution, to abuse our children. By forcing evolution upon them, we tell our children that they don’t matter and it won’t matter when they die. To that end, suicide is the obvious and natural solution for somebody who is feeling alone, left out, and worthless. Thus, it is highly hypocritical for an evolutionist to oppose suicide, as suicide should be included in the evolutionary process. In fact, morality itself doesn’t exist according to evolution, but that is a topic for another time.

Do we want to end suicide? If so, we need to stop allowing child abuse in our schools and put an end to the teaching of evolution. Not only can it not be proven, but the evidence is actually against it. This is because there is a God, who did create the universe. It is this God who also created us and it is not his will for us to take our own lives. In fact, God not only created us, but he loved us so much that he sent his only begotten son into the world to take upon himself the just due punishment for our sins, so we could spend eternity with him in his kingdom when we die. Not only that, but this only begotten son of God also rose again on the third day, so that we can rise again on the last die. Death will not be the end, rather death will come to an end.

Suicide is painful to those left behind. It can be hard to understand what those who have committed suicide are feeling. I know from my own desire to commit suicide the hopelessness and despair. It is only my faith in God and what he has done through his son that stays my hand. I refuse to believe the abuse that is evolution. In closing, I leave a challenge to the evolutionists. If you really think your belief is true, disprove the resurrection. If you can’t, I know already know you can’t, you must reject evolution, and all it entails. Ending the teaching of this abusive doctrine of evolution will help to bring an end to suicide.


Please, if you are considering suicide, find a pastor or priest. If you can’t please call the National Suicide Prevention hotline at 1-800-273-8255. If you are a Veteran, please call the Veteran Crisis line at 1-800-273-8255 and press 1. Your life matters. You are important. God loves you and sent his son to die for you, so that you may live with him. Please, choose to live. The world won’t be the same without you.


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