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Thoughts about Suicide

Suicide is the buzz about the internet these days. Many famous and not-so-famous people have recently committed suicide. It is almost like it has become an epidemic. Many are wondering what the cause of this is. I can’t say I blame people for wondering. As I spend much of my life on the edge of suicide, I have my opinions of what may be going on. If you’ve read “Suicidal Sailor”, you already know my story. However, let me digress momentarily.

If we tell our children that they are worthless, they didn’t need to be born, they were an unfortunate happy accident, that would be child abuse. However, we allow the public education system to do just that. What? You don’t believe me? I’m not surprised. Explain to me, then, just what does evolution say about where we come from? It says we are an accident and that our lives are meaningless, and we don’t need to exist. Let somebody dwell on that long enough and they will take it to its final conclusion. Don’t believe me? Just look no further than former satirist Douglas Adams, who committed suicide because of evolution (it should be noted that Adams was a devoted follower of Richard Dawkins, a very prominent atheist).

Recently, a member of the crew of a Youtube channel I used to like watching committed suicide. The primary face of that channel is an atheist and very much pro-evolution. Right now he is struggling for answers. I can’t say I’m surprised. Alas, I have no words of comfort or solace for him. Why? Because evolution. Evolution has nothing good to say to anyone. It has no assurance of anything beyond this life. It lacks any sense of morality or discipline. Evolution simply destroys any sense of hope or purpose. When people have no hope or sense of purpose, suicide is all but inevitable.

As a Christian, I will say this. Evolution is a LIE! There is a God. It is he who created us. He promises us an eternity with him in his kingdom, if only we trust in his son, Christ Jesus. Historians have tried for centuries to disprove the Bible, and they have all failed. This is because the Bible is true. Not only is evolution a lie, but its initially recorded proponent was a disgraced priest with daddy issues and an inability to forgive. Don’t let the mindless pseudo-scientific ramblings of an unforgiving priest destroy you. God is there and he still cares.

Please, if you are contemplating suicide, talk to somebody. If you can not bring yourself to talk to your local priest, then please call the National Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-8255. If you are veteran of the United States Armed Forces, please call somebody at the Veteran Crisis Line at 1-800-273-8255 and Press 1. Please, you still have so much to live for, don’t be another statistic.

Life is painful. I understand that all too well. However, let me assure you that God is still there and he still cares. Christ Jesus died upon the cross for you and forgives you all your sins. You need only believe in him, and history bears out his life and actions. Please, if you feel like you are at the edge and about to go over, talk to somebody.




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