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Christian Hate

Sorry, I know how harsh that title sounds. There is not much here that is forklift related. This post is strictly about something that just shouldn’t exist. Hatred within the Christian church. Unfortunately, it does, and it is something that should be addressed.

It is not a secret that various denominations, regardless of whether they are Lutheran, Baptist, Roman Catholic, or even Mormon, are constantly at odds with one another over issues of doctrine and authority. Nor should that come as a surprise. All of these groups, as well as those whom are not listed, have different ways in which they approach scripture. However, there are most certainly areas in which all of them can most certainly agree, or at least agree to having a difference of opinion. Then there are those few who ruin it for everyone. That, sadly, is what I am addressing.

During the late 1980’s and up through the middle of the 1990’s, I found myself constantly confronted by “Chick Tracts”. What is a “Chick Tract”? If you don’t know, count your blessings. If you do know, my prayers are with you. However, if I may explain in short, “Chick Tracts” were a type of Bible tract that were published by a man named Jack Chick. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know full well my disagreements with the theology of Mr. Chick. That being said, Mr. Chick was also quite hateful towards those who did not believe as he did. I use the past tense in reference to Mr. Chick as he passed away in October of 2016. Alas, he is not alone in his hatred of groups who do not believe as he does, and that brings us to the present.

There is a web site called “Jesus-Is_Savior” (I will provide a link below, but I do not endorse this site. Visit at your own risk, and please be certain that your anti-virus is up to date first). The title sounds nice, but it really is not. The site is actually quite inflammatory, and it is also against those who do not believe as its editor does. Who does it attack? More to the point, who doesn’t it attack? There is only two groups. Baptists and non-denominationals. Why? Honestly, I don’t know.

I could easily spend hours refuting the assertions of this web site, but I have neither the time nor patience to do so. Let me say, however, that he willfully rewrites the word order of scripture to suit his purposes, and then neglects any verse of scripture that does not support his views, and only addressing those texts that support his views, and generally be pulling such verses out of context. This is similar to the former antics of Mr. Chick, and those currently common of Joel Osteen. I say “he” and “his” as this individual does seem to identify as male. However, I fear they are worse than Mr. Chick was, or Osteen could ever be. I have read the doctrines of many of the groups he attacks, and while I may not necessarily agree with them (anyone who knows me knows that there are doctrinal items that I feel are outright wrong), I would never think to misrepresent those doctrines as they are on this web site.

So, who all does he misrepresent?

Black Muslim
Christian Science
Church of Christ
Eastern Cults
Episcopal Church
Greek Eastern Orthodox
Islamic Muslim
Jehovah’s Witness
Moonies (Unification Church)
New Age
Pagan Mumbo-Jumbo (Yin Yang)
Pentecostal / Charismatic
Roman Catholicism
Russian Orthodox
Seventh-Day Adventist
Unitarian Universalism
United Church of Christ

Note well, even as I have already said, he does not attack Baptists or non-denominationals. Some of these are very well respected groups, others I have honest and serious issues with, but not to the point of slander. I really don’t care what your denomination is, as that won’t save you. However, the level of hatred this web site shows is quite awful. Christ Jesus said to the disciples “By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” (John 13:35). Love one another. Love is the one thing this web site is sorely lacking. Instead of love, all he cares to do is show hatred. In this, he actually violates several of God’s Commandments, including not murdering (hatred/slander is a form of murder, not in act, but thought and word), and setting himself up as God (typically the first and second commandments, depending upon how you divide them, and note it is possible to come up with thirteen, but that is not really an issue). Sadly, if you do not subscribe to his form of Christianity, you are unsaved and damned to Hell. It should not be this way.

It is not my right to say who is or is not going to spend eternity in the Kingdom of God. All I know is that God is supreme, and Christ Jesus is the second person of the Trinity. I have never attempted to slander, or to otherwise misrepresent, any group. However, when I see such hatred against so many, it makes me want to cry. I can not begin to fathom how God, the Father Almighty, feels about it. All I can do is pray that the editor of that web site would repent.

Let me make it clear, the sacrifice of Christ Jesus upon the cross was a vicarious atonement. This means that it is for everyone who believes. It has nothing to do with any prayer you may say, and, as I have covered in previous posts, that prayer is not found in scripture, and it may actually be little more than a magic spell, in which you try to strong arm God into saving you by your will, not by what he has already done. Baptism does save you, just read 1 Peter 3:18~21. As for eating Christ’s body and drinking his blood (as we do when we receive the bread and the wine), there is no symbolic language used in scripture, as Christ Jesus clearly spoke of eating his body and drinking his blood (see Matthew 26:26, Mark 14:22, John 6:53~56 (see also Paul’s words in 1 Corinthians 11:27, 1 Corinthians 11:29)). Scripture is very clear about these issues. None of this is our doing, it is God’s doing. We are the passive recipients of his grace. The only thing we are truly capable of is rejection of that grace. Christ rising again from the grave was for all as well, so that we too will rise again on the last day. Scripture is also clear as well, that all shall be raised.

Hatred has no place in the Christian church. Yes, we are called to repent of sin. However, we are not called to hate. I have willfully ignored discussing the issue of those live in and identify by their sin. While there is no amount of scripture twisting that can be used to justify sin, I also felt that it was not, for the purpose of this post, an issue to discuss, especially since I have previously discussed such things.

With all due regret, here is the previously promised link. Please be wise as you read this web site. I do not endorse it. I also warn you that if you attempt to contact him to refute, you are unlikely to get a reply. I’ve waited over two years regarding 1 Peter 3:21. Again, hatred has no place in the church.

Again, I do not endorse this site. I provide the link only for reference. Just go to his false religion section. You can see it for yourself.


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