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Monthly Archives: January, 2017

Cross or Crucifix?

In the shipping industry, we use placards to denote when a particular trailer has hazardous materials loaded in it, and those placards are designed to indicate what type of hazardous … Continue reading

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Our President, Our Responsibility

Yesterday was Inauguration Day. For the next four years, Donald Trump is now the President of the United States. I have already heard the calls, and seen the signs, for … Continue reading

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The End?

I have been saying for a while that I was going to shut down Forklift Theology. Some might ask me why. I have my reasons. I guess my main reason … Continue reading

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Do you know?

There are many groups these days trying to push one agenda or another down society’s collective throats. Often they will try to justify themselves by using part of an obscure … Continue reading

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Called Out.

The term “called out” can depict a couple of different connotations. Depending upon usage, the connotation can be good or it can be bad. Realistically, it just depends on the … Continue reading

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