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Christmas Commercialized 

I won’t say that I don’t like Christmas,  as it is one of my favorite holidays. However, anyone who truly knows me also knows the disgust and contempt I hold for what Christmas has become. Quite simply, I have watched in abject horror as Christmas has been reduced to little more than an annual marketing ploy to rake the general public over, to the tune of several million dollars, by various retailers. Indeed, we have all but lost the true meaning of Christmas.

Back in 1993, I was preparing to graduate high school and go to boot camp. I was given, as a graduation present, a Roman Catholic prayer book. Please understand that my family background is Roman Catholic, and there was even a time when I wanted to become a Roman Catholic priest, so there really isn’t anything unusual about this. Yet, in this prayer book, starting on page 290, there is an entry entitled “Mary’s Dream about Christmas”.

As I prepare to share to share here, I want to thank Roman Publishing for their permission to share this entry,  which was published in that little prayer book back in 1988. The prayer book, itself, is entitled “Lift Up Your Hearts”. Now, with no further comment from me, is that entry.


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