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Forklift Theology ruins (not really) the Church.

There really are a lot of shipping companies. Some, like Hanjin, eventually disappear. Oddly enough, churches can be the same way. There are, and have been, many that lasted for a time, only to eventually dissolve, or otherwise come to an end.

On Youtube, there is a channel called “College Humor”, which has a segment, which is entitled “Adam Ruins Everything”. This segment features a gentleman named Adam, who goes about discussing certain preconceptions in society, and why they are wrong. What about the church? Are there ideas within the church that are wrong?


I know how horrible that sounds. It is quite frightful to think that the church could be deceiving anyone, but there are areas in which it is unfortunately true, and often in clearly diametric opposition to the plain text of scripture.

It is not my intent, nor within my abilities, to address everything. Rather, it is my intent to comment on a few of the most blatant heresies in the modern church, several of which I have posted about in the past.

Choosing Christ, is not actually necessarily the worst issue I’ve seen, but it is still a valid concern. Especially when the doctrine has no solid scriptural foundation. Let me ask, where is this found in scripture?

Huh? What about Joshua 24:15, where it reads “choose this day whom you will serve”?

Indeed. That verse does exist. However, take a closer look. Who was Joshua speaking to? Was non-believing heathens, or people who had see the miracles of God with their own eyes? If you are willing to accept it, the truth is that the people to whom those words were addressed, were children at the time of Exodus. They weren’t non-believers, rather they were believers. Also, notice what Joshua has to say to them about serving the Lord. Seems that they were having issues.

Hold up! What about Revelation 3:20? What about it? Doesn’t it say that we are supposed to let Jesus into our heart? Nope. That is another lie related to decision theology. Do you really want to understand Revelation 3:20? Go back a few verses, specifically, to verse 14. What does that line begin with? To the Church at…? What? Yep. Revelation 3:20 was written to a backsliding church. In fact, if you go back to Revelation 1:4, you will find whom the intended audience of the book of Revelation was written to. It wasn’t to us in the early 21st century, it was to the seven churches in Asia Minor. Not only that, but if you look at Ezekiel 14, you have God condemning people for setting up idols in their hearts. Seriously, that “Jesus” you are asking into your heart is really just an idol. When Jesus says he stands at the door and knocks, he is talking about the door of the church, and he wants the church to repent. Oddly, there are many modern churches that resemble the church for whom Revelation 20:14~22 was written.

Wait! What? What about the sinner’s prayer? You mean that magic incantation that churches coerce you into praying, as if by praying that, you can strong arm God into saving you? It is not found anywhere in scripture. Go ahead and look, I can wait. You won’t find it. In fact, you want to know what Peter said? He said “Repent and be baptized” (we will get to that last part in moment). That’s it. He didn’t say anything about some prayer, nor did he command any other type of work, and that “prayer” is a work. Yep, if you think that saying the “sinner’s prayer” is what saved you, you have been deceived. Only God can save us, and he has done so through the death and resurrection of Christ Jesus upon the cross. There is nothing you can do, or even need to do. If you truly believe, you are saved, apart from works. Your works should reflect you faith, not the other way around. OOPS! This means that the “radical conversion experience” that is hailed in many modern churches is also a lie. Only once does that occur, and it was the man who would be know as the Apostle Paul, and he never said any prayer of salvation either. You can look it up, I can wait.

So, now what? Isn’t communion just a memorial? Sure, if you want to ignore Matthew 26:26~28, Mark 14:22~24, Luke 19~20, and 1 Corinthians 11:23~27. All four texts affirm that the bread and wine (not grape juice, though there is some justification for its use, it really is wine) really are the body and blood of our Lord. We are not to explain it, as we can not understand it, just that it is. Now then, if our Lord, and his disciples are all of the opinion that the bread and wine are, in fact, the body and blood of Christ, anyone who would claim otherwise denies scripture, and is a heretic.

What about the rapture? What rapture? 1 Thessalonians 4:15. Time out. Let’s go back and look at Genesis 7 and 8. Riddle me this: Who was left upon the earth and who was taken when the Lord flooded the earth? Was it the righteous who were taken, or was it the wicked? If you answered that it was the righteous who were left behind, then you are right. Now then, let us take another look at that verse in 1 Thessalonians.

First, go back to verse 13. What is the context? It was regarding those believers who had died. That is simple enough. Now, look again at verse 15b. It says “we tell you that we who are still alive”. Another way to say that is “we who are left behind”. The dead in Christ are in the present in the sight of God, in the now but not yet. We are the ones who have been left behind. Not only that, but the coming of the Lord won’t be a secret, as the Bible clearly does teach that the Lord’s coming will be preceded with the sound of a trumpet (1 Corinthians 15:52). Now then, think about this, if the coming of the Lord is at the last trumpet, how many trumpets are left (think about the supposed seven tribulation, seven trumpets judgment teaching, which is quite contrary to scripture)?

I know, that was a lot to take in. However, it is necessary to look at whether or not those popular teaching in the church are even valid. I know of very few churches that don’t teach these things. I happen to attend a church that doesn’t teach these things.

Wait! You forgot baptism!

Yep. I did forget. Acts 2:38~39 reads: ” Peter replied, “Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. “The promise is for you and your children and for all who are far off—for all whom the Lord our God will call.”

In like manner, 1 Peter 3:21 reads: ” and this water symbolizes baptism that now saves you also”, and is written as following what Peter wrote regarding the flood of Noah, who was saved through the waters of the flood, which is the water which baptism symbolizes, go ahead and go back to 1 Peter 3:18 and read clean through to the end of the chapter.

Yep. Baptism will save those who believe, and this is God’s work, and there is nothing in scripture that forbids the baptism of children. Indeed, the Apostle Paul is noted to have baptized who households, and so did Peter. Also, the term “baptism” comes from a word meaning “to wash”, not “immerse”, unless you use a swimming pool to immerse the couch when you wash it. Most people wouldn’t think of immersing the couch to wash it, why should they be immersed for baptism? Scripture doesn’t support it. Not to mention that there is a picture of a second century baptistry in the Dr. Paul Maier’s book on the Works of Eusebius. You are willing to accept that second century Christians knew the proper method of baptism, then you will have to accept that the baptistry was not large enough for a full immersion. Not only that, but on a more technical level, a full immersion is necessarily very sanitary, as most churches use something akin to a hot tub, lots of chemicals.

Of the seven churches of Asia Minor, to whom the book of Revelation was written, only two remain. Laodicea isn’t one of them (Revelation 4:13~22). The truth is that only those churches which hold to the word of God, as revealed in the Bible will stand. The Bible is the only standard that the church may use. It is the only way we can know salvation, even when evil heresies confront us. If we are honest and careful in our reading of scripture, we can stand firm against these lies.

Likewise, only those shipping companies that work in an honest and ethical manner will last. I have seen companies form, and within a few months, wither to nothing. There are some standards, and if those standards are followed, the companies that follow them remain. Yep, just like a church stands if it remains firm in scripture, so too does a shipping stand firm if it follows those standards that keep the freight moving and people safe.


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