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Faith musings from the seat of a forklift.

The Defective Church


It really sucks when a piece of equipment isn’t working right. Even worse when it doesn’t work right because something is defective. Where I work, we have an on-going situation with tail lights on forklifts, it seems they are so flawed that the lightest touch causes them to crack. Complaints have been filed, but who knows if they will be addressed.

The modern church is also defective.

Let that sink in. Why would I write that the church is defective? Could there be a problem within the church that needs addressing? Yes, there are actually quite a few. I am not going to make a point of going through all of them in this post. Rather, tonight is the start of a “Back to Basics” of the Christian faith.

What do I mean by “Back to Basics”? Simply put, I am planning to begin series regarding the most basics of teachings of the Christian faith, specifically the Small Catechism, and the Augsburg Confession. These are considered by the Lutheran church as the most basics of the faith. These are the foundation that we teach our children.

However, that is the problem. Our modern church has lost its foundation. We no longer discuss sin, or salvation. Rather, it is about praise bands, “anointed” speakers, and “feeling” Jesus. None of this is even remotely scriptural. There are too many “prophets” seeking hidden codes in the Bible, and very few pastors who understand the distinction of Law and Gospel. It has gotten to the point where the church is more about making people feel good, and less about pointing out our need for a savior.

Am I being judgmental? Perhaps. However, if you are in a church that teaches that you can “choose Christ”, when was the last time your pastor has told you that your sins are forgiven? Not since you made that “decision”? Does the Bible even teach that you can choose? If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you already know.

The simple truth is that the church has allowed a stuff in over the last few centuries that simply doesn’t belong. As we begin this series on the Small Catechism and the Augsburg Confession, we will address many of the things that have been brought in that don’t belong.

Does the church have problems? Yes. Can those problems be resolved? Yes. However, it is only if we get back to the foundations of our faith. One of those foundations is what Christ Jesus did for us at the cross, when he died, was buried, and rose from the grave. All of this just so that we could be forgiven of our sins, and not suffer everlasting torment in Hell. However, it is not a license to sin.

Defective equipment is inconvenient. Defective teachings in church are dangerous.

I know, I did not include any scripture references in this post. That was intentional. I want to encourage you to read ahead. Please check out the Book of Concord online, and familiarize yourself with the Small Catechism and the Augsburg Confession. Learn about the basics of the Christian, so you can know the church teaches, and why.


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