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Omega Doom


Quiet evening. Time to watch a movie. The question is, what to watch? How about an old favorite, a “B” rated sci-fi called “Omega Doom”? What type of movie is that? Honestly, it is a movie the critics hated. In fact, on IMDB, it rates 4.5 out of 10 stars. Why? I have a suspicion, but we will get to that, and rather quickly.

Omega Doom is one of those distopian apocalyptic type of movies. Things are gloomy, and war has apparently ravished the planet. What type of war? This may sound a bit cliche, but it is the standard man versus machine type thing. However, unlike Terminator, or Matrix, Omega Doom has a slightly different story, one that most critics seem to largely ignore, and mainly because they want the intense action of movies like Terminator, or Matrix. Omega Doom’s action sequences can all be viewed in under six minutes, and thus my suspicion of why critics seem to hate it.

Oddly, there is something in Omega Doom that the critics seem to largely ignore. However, a brief synopsis may be in order.

Omega Doom is a the title character of the movie. He is played by Rutger Hauer, and is an Omega class war robot. He was designated as Doom, which indicates his function, to bring doom upon the humans. However, a lucky shot by a dying a soldier scrambles his memory, and he is then reprogrammed to serve the humans.

Early on a bullet is found on the outskirts of an old theme park. This becomes significant later in the film, but is just an interesting find early on. The theme park is apparently divided to into sections, each representing a different time period, and is littered with broken robots, many dressed according to the time period for their section of the park.

It doesn’t take long before Omega Doom encounters “The Head”. Yes, that is exactly what he is, a head. It would seem that at some point his body had been destroyed, or otherwise damaged. The Head explains to Omega Doom what has been going on in the theme park. It would seem that some remnants of the human robot war had found their way to the theme park, believing that there was a large cache of guns hidden within the park, and these remnants were divided into two groups (or gangs), and both groups believed that the guns were stashed in this one particular part of the park, and both gangs were encamped there, and had reached some sort of a stalemate. It also bears noting that another bot is present, who operates some sort of cantina, serving water for both groups.

The two gangs, as well as the main character, are apparently equipped, and highly skilled, with special sword like weapons. This brings the question, why do they even want guns? It is hinted at that there hasn’t been any recent sightings of any humans, but the two gangs still seem to fear them, and apparently want human weapons for the sake of being able to kill them. If anything, they want to be just like the humans, whom they fear…

WAIT! WHAT? They want to be like the humans? Yes.

Sounds familiar? It should. In the third chapter of Genesis, we read of the fall of humanity. The serpent tempts Eve into eating the forbidden fruit. It starts with him asking her “Did God actually say, ‘You shall not eat of any tree in the garden’?” Eve, unfortunately, gave the serpent the precise answer he wanted, and adding to it the statement of “and not even touch it”, which God never said. The serpent now had her exactly where he wanted her, and then made the statement of “You will not surely die. For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” It doesn’t matter what the fruit was, though it seems unlikely that it was an apple, the point was that in eating it, Eve would be like God. Yes, it was only in the knowing of good from evil, but it was still being like unto God, that is the creature rising to the status of the creator.

This would become a standard refrain for humanity. Any time we put something in the place of God, be it money, nature, social status, or ourselves, we are placing the creation above the creator, and making an idol. Alas, we are all guilty of the sin of idolatry. Whenever we decide to do what we want, rather than abide by what God wants, we put ourselves in God’s place, and make ourselves a “god” for ourselves. Oddly, this also violates the commandment of “You shall have no other gods before me”.

In a way, it is kind of funny. Many people think they can be “Christians” without reading the Bible. Others seem to think that they believe in Christ Jesus without being a Christian. Both of these concepts is a form of idolatry. Both are based upon the idea of finding God by one’s own work, rather than through his revealed word, the Bible. Sadly, trying to find God in anything other than his revealed word will only lead you away from God, and towards the worship of self, or a loss of faith all together.

In that regard, are we really any different from the robots in Omega Doom? Don’t we often strive to be the best, or in charge? Don’t we want to be the ones “calling the shots”? Truthfully, we all do. However, if God is telling us what we should do, then he is the one we should be listening to, not ourselves. One of those things that God has told us, is that he saves us through the cross of Christ Jesus, and this is his doing, not something we do. Furthermore, he states plainly that he, alone, is God, and we should not seek any other, nor try to take his place. You can see plainly, in the fourteenth chapter of Isaiah (starting at verse twelve and going to verse sixteen, how well that worked out for Satan.

The creation can never become the creator. That is impossible. We can no more become “gods” than the robots in Omega Doom can be humans. Even if they found the guns, they still wouldn’t be humans. They would merely be robots with guns. Ironically, and this a bit of a spoiler, there was only one gun ever found, and it was the wrong caliber for the sole bullet found at the beginning of the movie. Irony.

Sometimes there is more to movie than meets the eye. The critics aren’t God. I give this movie an eight out of ten stars (I would have liked a better explanation of how the robots drink water and exhale, I think it has something to do with temperature regulation, but I don’t know). However, if you are an action junkie, this movie isn’t for you.


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