Forklift Theology

Faith musings from the seat of a forklift.



People don’t like whistle blowers. Seems that whistle blowers make people uncomfortable. Even worse is when somebody who is a whistle blower is right. Whistle blowers agitate people.

What, though, is a whistle blower? Technically, a whistle blower is one who calls out an unfair or illegal practice within a corporation or industry. Sadly, many companies engage in some form of unfair practice, and do all they can to terminate whistle blowers, preferably without making it look retaliatory, though it truly is.

Let’s face it. A whistle blower is an agitator. They shake things up. They stir the pot. However, in some respect, they are not much different than the prophets of old, who were also agitators. They were not “community organizers” (another type of agitator, which generally lead people to riot and insurrection). They called sins out, and urged people to repent.

Christ Jesus was also an agitator. He called out the scribes and Pharisees, who had made idols of their traditions. He called the people to repent, as the kingdom of God was truly at hand.

Christ Jesus made people uncomfortable. Indeed, his very birth made Herod the Tetrarch uncomfortable. In fact, Herod was so uncomfortable about it, he ordered the wholesale slaughter of anyone below the age of two years.

Even today, people are uncomfortable with Christ and his message of repentance. The modern church may talk about repentance, but they tend to make it more about themselves than about Christ. Why? Because they are uncomfortable with what Christ really said, making idols of their traditions, just like the Pharisees.

Typically, I like to include a Bible verse, explaining the context of the verse, and then explaining my thinking. Not today. It is not because the verses aren’t there. They are. It is not because they make me uncomfortable. They don’t.

I am not including any verses today for one simple reason. I want to challenge my readers. I want for my readers to actually open the Bible and find the texts for themselves. In doing so, it is my prayer that you will find Christ, who makes us uncomfortable in our daily lives, so that we may find our peace in him.

Whistle blowers are important. They help companies to stay honest, when they are listened to. The prophets kept Israel honest as they called the people to repent. Christ calls us to repent, for he has overcome sin, death, and the grave. In him, we have forgiveness and everlasting life. Amen.


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