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This (not so) Flat Earth


Distance and measure are important when shipping. The slightly variance and you could either be claiming too little weight in a load or short (or far) a distance between distribution point and delivery point. The map posted above highlights this point, and is the topic of this post.

The map posted above is but one of many schemes used by those who hold to the opinion that the Earth is flat. It looks funny, but that is because of how distorted it is. If we were to overlay a political map upon it to account for cities, we’d quickly have a problem with scale. Even without the accounting for cities, we still have a problem with scale. the distance for eastern Australia and western South America are too far apart, while western Australia is too close to east Africa (I’ve sailed these waters and know this is true). These are not the only distortions evident, there are more. However, there is a great distortion. It’s a distortion of the truth.

One of the biggest problems I have seen with those who believe in a flat earth is their denial of certain aspects of observational science. If you are in an area that is reasonably flat, you will see a tendency towards curving in all directions. Such a tendency could not exist in a region that is genuinely flat. Looking at that map again, if the earth were truly flat, Seattle should be almost perfectly visible on the horizon when looking northward from Tacoma, but it is not, and there is not much elevation between them (Seattle sits at an elevation 187 feet while Tacoma sits at an elevation of 381 feet, which means it sits higher and we should be able to look down on Seattle, which is a scant 65 miles away).

This denial goes even further. I have observed that many flat earth believers are also firm deniers of the lunar landings, despite all the television coverage and eye witness accounts of the rockets being launched. Why would they deny such an event? Simple. A lunar landing would easily disprove this opinion that the earth is flat. Additionally, though the space shuttle is known to orbit the earth from an elevation of 200 miles, flat earth believers generally will not accept a satellite image from more than about 20 miles up. Again, this is because such imagery would disprove their opinion. However, much like those who believe in evolution and can not accept that there is another explanation, they will deny any scientific evidence that would disprove their opinion.

What does the Bible say about the shape of the earth? Not as much as some claim, but more than what the flat earth believers want to hear. Speaking of God, it is written in Isaiah 44:22 “It is He who sits above the circle of the earth”. That term “circle” can really only have two definitive and one implied meaning. In Hebrew, the word for “circle” is “chuwg”, which can also mean “round” or “sphere”. Thus, from a Biblical perspective, considering both the definitive and implied meanings for “chuwg”, it is clear from scripture that the earth is round.

From our modern perspective, it might bode well to ask how those who lived back then even knew that the earth was round? Most didn’t travel very from from their ancestral lands. However, we do know that man spread out across the planet. This doesn’t help much when we consider that some areas where men spread to did not allow for ready contact with those who remained behind. Without communication, there would be virtually no way to let the people back home know what was being found. Thus, the only way that the ancient people could know that the earth was round would be if God told them through the prophets. That he did so is evident.

Flat earth believers have a serious problem with their belief. The maps they use lie. They distort truth. Additionally, they tend to leave an unanswered question. If the earth were truly flat, what keeps the water from just falling out into space? Additionally, it should be asked regarding what is on the other side? Simple truth, if something has a top, it must have a bottom. Only time this does not apply is with a sphere, which is round.

Maps must be accurate and honest to ship freight and guide deliveries. Changing the shape of the map distorts the scale and renders all measures upon it a lie. A false measure only lends itself towards more falsehood, thus additional lies.

In all things, the witness of men should be held suspect. Men are prone to lies. Often terrible lies, as we can all witness daily. God is not a man that he should lie. God is God. God created the earth, and he says it is round. If God is truthful in that matter, which he is, then we should trust him, not only with the shape of the earth but when it was made, for he is the creator.

Maps and men can lie. God and his word do not lie. Let every man be a liar and God alone be true. Amen.


7 comments on “This (not so) Flat Earth

  1. Daring to look...

    I am curious, have you actually sailed all the way from Australia to South America, or from the tip of South America to the tip of South Africa…?

    Also, I grew up in Seattle, so I’m a bit confused as to your comment about how on a flat earth one should be able to see Seattle from Tacoma. Both have their edges right at sea level for one thing, and secondly even if Tacoma has high hills (as does Seattle), you’ve got an elevated region of Federal Way in between them….

    Anyhow, the point is I am a Christian who wound up looking at the FE stuff more closely about a month ago now, and honestly I’ve been shocked by all that has surfaced in that time. How many of these “proofs” of a globe Earth that we all take for granted are really sound, and not just assumptions we all make? Do we really see curvature….? Do we really observe ships going over the horizon? Do the phases of the moon actually fit with the heliocentric model, according to how it is supposedly reflecting light from the sun? Does NASA really give us authentic photographs from Space, or are they actually what they call “composite images”..? DID we really land on the moon, way back in the sixties, and then never go back…?

    I know you probably think it’s crazy to even ask such questions, but consider this….

    Virtually all of those institutions and scientists who would laugh at the idea of the Earth being flat, and all their claims being lies, would ALSO laugh just as hard at the idea that the universe and everything in it didn’t create itself out of nothing, billions of years ago.

    You telling me that Evolution is a hoax? A lie? Some “crazy conspiracy theory”, and that what is being taught as unquestionable fact at every University in the world is totally wrong…??? 😉

    • Christopher Rose

      Yes. I have sailed those distances. I agree that to claim the earth as flat is laughable. As for evolution, that is a belief about events that supposedly happened in the past, yet no one was there to actually observe them. The only evidence exists in the present and is the same as that for creation. It is a matter of worldviews.

      • Daring to look...

        If you have truly sailed laterally between the Southern continents, and done over a time period which would only be possible on a ball Earth, then I would be most interested in learning more about that, because that actually WOULD be an example of true, observable, scientific data, which might actually persuade me that we do live on a globe after all…

        I say that because in your post you mentioned things like the moon landings, which of course we have all accepted for our whole lives as “undeniable scientific proof” that the Earth is round, the solar system revolves around the Sun, etc. I had of course heard of those crazy theories too about how some people thought it was a hoax, but I personally thought that was completely absurd, and never took it seriously.


        About a year and a half ago, I listened to an interview with a guy named Bart Sibrel. (who also happens to be a Christian, though not that it really matters on a topic like this) Anyhow, Sibrel is the maker of a documentary called “A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Moon”, (which is available in it’s entirety on Youtube nowadays) He was ORIGINALLY doing a documentary on the moon landings, in full accordance with the official NASA story, when he stumbled across some old extra Apollo mission footage, which clearly shows the astronauts FAKING a shot meant to make it appear as though the Earth is far away, and they are halfway between the Earth and the moon. They were simply using the circular window to make the Earth look spherical, and far away, when they were still very much in “low earth orbit”. It’s really amazing footage. I haven’t seen anyone debunk it to this day. That was more than enough to make me a serious skeptic. From there, once you start looking at all the alleged footage, and all their claims, you quickly start to see what a sham it all was…

        Please explain to me, if you can, how the astronauts in ALL of those “successful” Apollo missions managed to not be radiated to a crisp by the Van Allen radiation belts, which even today the NASA scientists are saying is a “problem they have to solve”? Please explain to me how a tiny spacecraft, and space suits, powered by nothing but 1960’s battery technology, were capable of air-conditioning themselves, without using conduction/convection, due to their being no outer atmosphere? What is this magical A/C technology they used way back then which even today we cannot begin to explain? Why does the flag on the moon “flap in the breeze” of the zero atmosphere moon’s surface? Why do the lunar lander pads have zero dust on them, after supposedly a rocket burned it’s way down to the surface? Why does the SAME landscape appear in different shots, from different missions, where they were supposedly in totally different areas of the moon? Why do the shadows go in different directions?

        Why were all of the astronauts Freemasons…..?

        It IS a hoax, and yes, a very big one, but once you start to look at it, it’s amazing how ridiculous it all quickly becomes. The hatch on the lunar lander wasn’t even big enough for them to climb out the door with their space suits on, with those massive backpacks! There was no airlock either, so apparently they had to completely re-pressurize the inside of the capsule, EVERY time they re-entered it. Not to mention, it was too small inside to realistically put all that stuff on/off. Food? Water? Bathroom? Oxyden? For days??? All in that tiny little thing? It’s a joke!

        If you still believe that humans walked on the moon’s surface, then it’s only because you’ve never bothered to actually examine the real evidence for yourself…

      • Christopher Rose

        I have examined the evidence. I examined it from a military standpoint. If the lunar landings had not happened, guess who would have called “foul”. Russia. Many do not understand that Russia frequently one-upped the U.S. in the space race. They were first to put a satellite, an animal, and a human into orbit. The U.S. was still “riding high” with the atomic bomb when Russia made us “eat crow” by putting Sputnik into space. That one little satellite was Russia’s way of reminding us that we weren’t invincible. That one little satellite caused the U.S. industrial/military complex to panic. We were already at a diplomatic/military stalemate with Russian, and then Sputnik was launched, changing everything. As for the video you referenced, it was a well known NASA/NBC reenactment of the lunar landing, which was meant for training purposes for future lunar missions. As should seem obvious, it was eventually shelved and archived. NASA openly admits this video exists, and a trip to the Boeing Museum of Flight near Seattle would demonstrate that (they have a theater that is dedicated to the history of the space program). However, the lunar landing is moot point in terms of the earth being the spherical object that it is. Sailors have known the distances between all the major continents for the last three hundred years. Explorers have trekked across both the north pole (geographic and magnetic) and Antarctica, mapping both in relation to the northern (or southern) locations of nearby continents. I would agree that even globe maps have some distortion to them, but not nearly to the point that a flat map does. Additionally, many common phenomena can not be explained if the earth is flat. I have stood in Freemantle Australia and looked up and seen a constellation known as the “Southern Cross”. This can not be seen from Seattle. Likewise, I can see the “Big Dipper” from Seattle, but not from Freemantle. Logic should dictate that if the earth were flat, both constellations should be visible from either location. In like manner, our normative understanding of sunrise and sunset have a fatal flaw if the earth is flat, insofar as a flat earth can not genuinely account for such activity. By the way, the bottom section of the lunar lander was the airlock, and the ability to carry oxygen is no more complicated than a scuba tank. As for the removal of human waste, that issue was figured out long before the first lunar launch, back when we were still putting men into orbit. Incidentally, do you really want to call some of the bravest Air Force pilots in history liars? If so, you are no friend to the veterans of the U.S. military. As a military veteran, I would consider that a slap in the face.

      • Daring to look...

        “By the way, the bottom section of the lunar lander was the airlock, and the ability to carry oxygen is no more complicated than a scuba tank. ”

        Are you joking me….? This is classic. You SURE you’re ready to debate this stuff, and act offended by the suggestion that those “hero pilots” could be lying, when you don’t even realize that there was NO AIRLOCK on the lunar lander, and that on the bottom of it was the ROCKET booster, not a door…!?!? (remember the famous footage of Buzz Aldrin climbing down the ladder, from the hatch on the side..?) Go look it up. Ask NASA….

        But ok… “no more complicated than a scuba tank”. Got it. So let’s see. From my googlatizing, it appears that the average scuba tank lasts a scuba diver about an hour (give or take, depending on depth, pressure, size of tank, etc.) Now, if the first Apollo mission lasted 8 days, 3 hours, that would equal 195 total hours of flight time. Times that by THREE men, and then add however much more oxygen you would need to RE-pressurize the capsule, and, yeah…. How many tanks of oxygen do you think that would add up to…? That’s around 600 breathing hours worth of O2. Even if they were using some kind of amazing “1960’s space technology”, that would still be dozens, if not hundreds of tanks. Wonder where they squeezed them all in? hmmm….

        ” Incidentally, do you really want to call some of the bravest Air Force pilots in history liars? If so, you are no friend to the veterans of the U.S. military. As a military veteran, I would consider that a slap in the face…”

        Well there ya go, if that doesn’t besmirch the illusion of unbiased inquiry… Never underestimate the extreme effectiveness of militaristic loyalty when it comes to propaganda. If my suggestion that the “heroes” of the Apollo missions might actually have lied (have you ever watched the footage of their press conference after they supposedly “conquered the moon”? zombies…), if that in itself is enough to offend you, then I can already see that there is FAR more about the true nature of our political reality that would be wholly inconceivable and unacceptable to you.

        I’m sure you believe that 9/11 was really caused by eleven box-knife wielding Arabs, and that the entire “War on Terror” is real, and justified..(?) And you also believe that the “Space Race” between the U.S. and Russia was completely real and not a total farce as well, judging by your comment above. We had “beat the Soviets to the Moon!”, right? Why? We had to spend billions of dollars in order to make sure the Stars and Stripes got planted onto the moon’s surface, instead of the USSR’s flag, before we pulled the plug and never went back…? Yeah. That makes perfect sense.

        Yes, you’ve “examined it all from a military standpoint”. In other words, you have regurgitated all the official narratives which the military/industrial complex insists must be the unadulterated truth? Tell me, is the military an environment where questioning authority, critical thinking, challenging assumed notions, etc. is highly encouraged?

        None of your “globe Earth proofs” are as rock solid as you think either. You clearly have not even looked into any of the Flat Earth models and research which you took upon yourself to attack in this post.

        “Logic should dictate that if the earth were flat, both constellations should be visible from either location…” Actually, no, because of the basic reality of the limitations of perception. The further away a light source gets from the viewer, the dimmer it becomes, until it becomes unviewable. This is the basic explanation for both the different views of the constellations from different parts of the Earth, as well as the sunlight being visible/invisible, day/night. There are scores of videos on YT showing moving diagrams of the sun/moon rotating over a flat plane Earth, demonstrating just how simple of a concept this really is. There are time-lapse videos of the sun rising/setting, which clearly show the sun getting larger as it approaches, and smaller as it moves towards the horizon line! I didn’t believe it was possible until I actually saw the footage myself…

        From your blog you clearly talk about being a believer in the Bible, and as an American military person, I can imagine that it would incredibly difficult for you to accept the notion that our government (as well as almost every other government in the World) is manipulated and controlled by Satan, (whom the Bible calls “the god of this world”) through a variety of secretive Luciferian organizations. A very well established one of these is the Freemasons. They are a Luciferian secret society, though only those with the higher degrees truly understand this. All the astronauts were Masons. They do not answer to God, or the Constitution, or the values of this country which you and I believe in. They ARE liars, because that is the modus operandi of the one they serve. “he was a liar from the beginning, and the father of all lies…”

        Satan is real. He has been building his earthly kingdom for a long, long time, and yes, America has been used quite effectively in that broader agenda. It’s time to wake up, and take seriously all the things which the Bible says. Warm and fuzzy Ameri-centric propaganda is designed to appeal to our pride, and blind us from the workings of Satan that have been going on right in front of our faces for out entire lives….. Jesus did not mince words about the harsh reality of Satan, and neither can we.

      • Christopher Rose

        Sigh. I see. Matters little to you what the facts are. By invoking the “Masons”, you have delved into conspiracy theorism. This is something I can not support. I have little concern for such things. I do not know where you get the idea that the astronauts were anything other than Air Force pilots. However, that is not my concern. I do not think you really got it in my previous reply. Russia never called “foul” when we claimed to put a man on the moon. Why? From a strictly military standpoint, putting a man on the moon would have been a slap in the face to Russia, which had already bested the U.S. thrice in the “space race”. I am being as objective as I can, but I recognized early on in this discussion the conspiracy based beliefs I am plainly up against. It is true that Christ Jesus did not mince words about sin. It is true he didn’t mince his words when confronted by Satan. However, in terms of what he said about Satan, that was actually quite limited. Bear in mind that Satan is a created being, and a fallen angel. Is Satan really manipulating the workings of the U.S. to achieve his agenda? Many in the 1980’s thought that he was doing so with the United Nations. In the 1990’s it was believed that the U.N. was going to bring about the “one world government” by the year 2000. It didn’t happen.

        If I may offer a suggestion, for the Bible verse you are using to support your stance, consider carefully their context (I usually suggest reading up to six verses before and six verses after). By the way, all humans, you and I included, are liars. Why? Because we are sinful from our youth (Psalm 51:1~9). I see you are clearly worked up over this, but I can also see that your sources may not be the most reliable, but you are also not very willing to consider such sources may be wrong. To this end, I can offer nothing. Is our nation in a downward spiral? Probably. However, going about screaming about conspiracy theorist stuff isn’t going to change that. If anything, that will only hurt your credibility and perhaps your witness as a Christian. I have personally been witness to events that people later have tried to say either didn’t happen or otherwise change the narrative. Truthfully, most of the conspiracy theorism I see is easily disprovable and little more than another lie. Remember, Satan began his deception of humanity with a simple question. He merely asked “Did God really say…?”. Conspiracy theorists do something quite similar. It could be asked if the conspiracy theorists aren’t agents of Satan, trying to deceive people into believing lies. Oh, incidentally, Islam also declares the earth as flat. Take that as you will.

  2. nursingninja

    I have seen pictures of the earth, and it looked like a sphere. I don’t think NASA would just make that up.

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