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Monthly Archives: August, 2015

It’s all the same-NOT!

Shipping companies. There are really quite a few of them out there. Why is that? Aren’t they all the same? Not really. Yes, at the most basic level, all shipping … Continue reading

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Opinionate Much?

We all have opinions. Some are better than others, especially when possessing better information. At work, that can pose a problem with it comes to how freight should be stacked. … Continue reading

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This (not so) Flat Earth

Distance and measure are important when shipping. The slightly variance and you could either be claiming too little weight in a load or short (or far) a distance between distribution … Continue reading

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Excuses, Excuses.

What? No picture? Why? What is your excuse? I don’t have one. Huh? I have no excuse for not having a picture, nor do I have a picture. That is … Continue reading

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How does that work?

I can not say that I necessarily understand how a forklift works. Yes, I do know how to operate one, but if asked how it actually works, I would be … Continue reading

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I admit it. I love the end of work on a Wednesday or Friday night. That is when the last trailer is loaded and out. Nothing like telling the boss … Continue reading

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