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Today’s Headlines; Yesterday!

This was written by Chad L. Bird. I am sharing this with his permission. I leave no discussion. Just sharing this to show just how relevant scripture is to our lives. This is a Forklift Theology extra.

The stories in the Scriptures often seem to be ripped from the headlines. You don’t need to read any further than Genesis to encounter stories such as these:
“Brother Murders Brother in a Fit of Jealous Rage” (Genesis 4)
“Spiritual Leader Discovered Drunk and Naked in His Home” (Genesis 9)
“Husband’s Lies Place Wife in Danger of Sexual Assault” (Genesis 12)
“Militants Kidnap Family During Raid” (Genesis 14)
“Wife Lets Husband Father a Child with the Maid” (Genesis 16)
“Gang of Men Attempt to Rape a Man’s Guests” (Genesis 19)
“Two Daughters Impregnated by Intoxicated Father” (Genesis 19)
“Twin Brother Deceives Blind Father and Steals from Absent Brother” (Genesis 27)
“Man in Polygamous Household Faces Incredible Strife in Family” (Genesis 29-30)
“Mass Slaughter Perpetrated by Brothers to Avenge Sister’s Rape” (Genesis 34)
“Eldest Son Sleeps with His Father’s Lover” (Genesis 35)
“Jealous Brothers Sell Younger Brother into Slavery” (Genesis 37)
In other words, our stories of stained lives redeemed by the blood of a merciful God are stories of biblical proportions.

Yes, this really is borderline. However, it is here for us to consider.


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