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Show me.


Show me. Those two little words can convey a great deal of power. I use this phrase, and some variants of it, during my day to day life. In particular, I use this phase when my supervisor and I are discussing a load that he wants me to work, and I typically like to look at the freight in advance so that I can attempt to plan that part of the load. Yep, I like to insist on my supervisor showing me what he wants me to work with.

In many respects, the Bible is much the same way. People insist that certain things either are or are not part of the Christian faith. However, unless it can genuinely be shown from scripture, then it really has no place in the Christian faith. It really doesn’t matter if a popular preacher or politician said it, unless the Bible can confirm it, it holds little real value.

One area that many get confused is God’s law. Even before the book of Exodus, we see God’s law already at work. However, it is not until Exodus that God’s law is spelled out for us. In Exodus 20, we are given God’s commandments. Some churches and Bibles attempt, in diverse ways, to divide these into a set of ten. Oddly, a simply count reveals that there are potentially twelve commandments, with the possibility of thirteen.

These commandments, when not only show God’s law, but God’s grace. This is especially true when we consider the consequences of breaking these commandments. Not only do we offend God, but we can cause harm and grief to our neighbors by breaking them. Such being the case, there really is no good reason to break these.

However, this is not enough. One only needs to look at the local newspaper or turn on the television to see how well we do at abiding by these commandments. God already knew that. That is why Christ Jesus came to earth to live and die on our behalf, for our sins. This is why, in 1 Corinthians, the Apostle Paul said that Christ crucified is “a stumbling block” and “foolishness”. Not only can we not obey the commandments, but we have a difficult time accepting that God took the initiative to save us, by send his son to die for our sins. This “foolish” creates a paradox that Christians simply live with.

However, there are those who oppose the Christian faith. Some are outright hostile, others simply deny it. These are they for whom the preaching of the cross truly is a “stumbling block”. Yet, they are the ones to whom I say, when questioned as to why I believe, “show me”.

Wait. What? Show you? Show you what?

Show me. Specifically, show me the body. This has always the been the single greatest strength, and weakness, of the Christian faith. When Christ Jesus drove out the money changers with a whip of cords, as recorded in the second chapter of the gospel of John, he prophesied about how they could destroy the temple of his body and in three days he would raise it up. It has been two thousand years, and nobody has ever been able to bring forth the body of Christ Jesus. Why?

There are stories. Even the Bible records how the priests and pharisees bribed the guards, such that they’d claim they fell asleep and were overpowered by the disciples. Seriously? Even I could come up with a better story, even though it wouldn’t fit facts any better than the story that the priests and pharisees had come up with. Simple truth, there was no way that a small group consisting of a few fishermen and tax collector, none of whom had any training and only one possessing a sword, could possible overpower a group of Roman soldiers. I’d like to see proof that could happen.

Another popular story is that the women went to the wrong tomb. Nice try. Why not explain what happened to the soldiers who were supposed to guard the tomb? The women should have been able to find it, as it was suppose to have been heavily guarded as to prevent the theft of the body. The wrong tomb theory fails simply because nobody could possibly miss a heavily guarded tomb, and the priests should have known precisely which tomb it was. Such being the case, there should not have been any difficulty for them to produce the body, but they didn’t.

Show me.

If the priests who lived in Jesus’ era, and signed the warrant for his arrest, couldn’t produce his body when it first was heard he’d risen from the grave, you can’t either. After nearly two thousand years, nobody has been able to disprove the resurrection. Yes, there are theories and stories. However, there is only on answer that is absolute and unable to be disproven. Christ Jesus rose from the grave.

When dealing with freight, I like to see what I am supposed to load before I load it. When it comes to faith, the fact that nobody has ever been able to produce the body of Christ Jesus is the only evidence I need of the truth of the gospel. I do not believe that anyone will ever be able to disprove the resurrection. Anyone who thinks they can, I say “Show me”. Every attempt to date has been a fraud. The resurrection is a historical fact that can not be ignored.

Just like I have to see freight, some feel they need to see evidence to believe. However, most will not believe, even if they see the evidence. Faith only comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. Only a fool can look at the resurrection, acknowledge that nobody has or ever will produce the body, and still deny the truth of the Christian faith.

Still think you can do it? Still think you can do what couldn’t be done two thousand years ago? Show me. Just don’t reject the evidence as it exists. Honestly, you are in a worse position than the priests and the pharisees. They couldn’t do it. Such being the case, neither can you. Think I’m wrong? Show me.


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