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Sound Teaching


Ash Wednesday. In the Christian church, this day begins a period of time that extends until Easter, during which we reflect upon our sinful nature and Christ Jesus’ sacrifice upon the cross. However, there is yet more to this than that.

I know for many, it is not possible to attend a Wednesday night church service. Why? Simple. No business makes money by allowing its employees to attend worship services. Nope. Businesses must, by their very nature, function in accordance with the precept of greed. This is not to say that making money is a bad thing, as bills must be paid and payroll must be met. However, any business that is greedy beyond need falls into sin.

This past week, I discussed the idea of “overkill”. That overkill can extend in many directions, including the rejection of sound teaching in favor of ill gotten gain. Why is this? Simple. In our modern age, we have done, just as the Apostle Paul warns in 2 Timothy 4, and gathered about ourselves false teachers who preach whatever it is we want to hear. Businesses are thus taught to force their employees to work long hours, often to the hurt of the employees.

Some businesses do shut down early during certain times of the year and otherwise close down to allow employees to attend worship services and be with family. These types of businesses should be commended and are worthy of patronage. Other businesses should note this and learn from them.

Ok. So, what is that picture?

Today is Ash Wednesday. I just got home from church. I had to take vacation time so I could attend church. That cross has small pieces of cloth nailed to it. Each piece of cloth has a sin written upon it. Yes, even I have something there. Yet, there is not enough room upon that cross to nail all the sins of all humanity. Christ Jesus took all those sins upon himself when he died upon the cross.

Is it sinful to force employees to work rather than allow them to attend worship services? Most likely. However, God will judge those who do this, for that is unrepentant sin. Businesses that permit, and even encourage attendance of worship, with no risk of retribution to the employee should be commended, and perhaps, even emulated.

During this Lenten season, as during all other times in the year, we are called to repentance. Individuals, even those who run businesses, will all be held accountable for their sins. If we teach that “greed is good”, to borrow from Star Trek, then we sin. Greed is a sin. To treat employees poorly is also a sin. Indeed, the Apostle Paul warned slaveholders and slaves alike that they were both equally answerable to God, and that God would hold them both to the same standards. So too is it with employees and employers. This is a sound teaching that we should all be aware of and abide in.

Repent. This was the message that Christ Jesus preached. It was for all. It is still the same message preached to the world today. This message knows no boundaries. It transcends politics, businesses, and even social standings. Repent and return to the Lord. Unless we repent, we will come to nothing.


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