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There are things that just shouldn’t happen. One of those is the idea of a freight forwarder also being a merchant. I know, that is probably a very foolish idea. However, the idea of a business doing something other than what it was established for isn’t uncommon.

I suppose it is no surprise to anyone to hear that Radio Shack is in bankruptcy. There are some who feel that Radio Shack will soon be completely out of business. There are are also many theories as to why Radio Shack is going under.

One of the most prevalent, and likely, is that Radio Shack forget their core base. That is to say they forget what they were founded for. This theory is popular among amateur radio operators. Simple truth, Radio Shack did branch out into markets that other companies are far better equipped to serve. If Radio Shack had stayed with radio and electronics, particularly projects and kits, there is a consensus that they would still be doing well.

The modern church is the same way. Too many churches are willing to compromise on the truth to fill pews. It matters little to them what the Bible really says, just what it takes to build numbers and bank accounts.


Bank accounts?

Yes. Bank accounts. That is really what mega-church movements are about. It really has little to do with the gospel, and more to do with the bottom line. Any church that sports a bookstore, a coffee shop, and a massive auditorium for worship really has little inclination to maintain the true message of the Bible, as that message is a threat to their bottom line.

Yes, the Bible says in 1 Corinthians 9 “I have become all things to all people”. However, that does not justify a church becoming a social club. The real context of that verse is how Paul uses his freedom in Christ Jesus to share the gospel with all.

I can not say with any certainty when the change began and the church started to fall away from the truth of God’s word. I know that Martin Luther attacked the church of his era for falling away, starting the protestant reformation. Later, Martin Chemnitz would also call the church back from its falling from scripture. Sadly, there is a long history of churches falling away from the Bible.

Today, many churches claim that they don’t tell you what to think, believe, or hate. Truthfully, that is just hatred. When we are taught to accept sin, to minimize the words of the Bible, we are showing hatred, for when we refuse acknowledge sin for what it is, we condemn ourselves, and others, to an eternity in Hell.

I don’t know where it started. However, I know where it needs to end. I have a list.

1. Acknowledge the full teaching of scripture regarding Baptism.
2. Acknowledge the full teaching of scripture regarding the Lord’s Supper, AKA Holy Communion.
3. Acknowledge the true teaching of scripture regarding who may hold the pastoral office.
4. Quit making salvation about yourself. You didn’t die on the cross for your sins. Stop acting like it.

This list is certainly incomplete, and only gets to the surface of the what has happened in the modern church. Much like Radio Shack, the church has forgotten its foundation, which is Christ alone.

It matters little when it comes to how big a company or church becomes. If it forgets or refuses to acknowledge its core base, its foundation, it will fall. This is happening to Radio Shack. Think it can’t happen to a church, tell that to Mars Hill. They also got too big and fell away from their foundation.

Seriously, it all comes down to one simple principle. Don’t change. The church must remain the church. It must preach the gospel, no matter what the world says or does. Don’t change the message. Humanity is sinful and in need a of a savior. Don’t encourage people to live in unrepentant sin, as you are only sending them to Hell when you do.

A freight forwarder shouldn’t also serve as a retail merchant. A dedicated electronics store shouldn’t also sell mobile phones when there are phone provider stores that are more capable of such things. Nor should a church also be a social club that accepts all people as they are and not call them to repent.

Nor should a Christian blogger call himself a Christian if he fails to acknowledge the words of Christ.


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