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Does it REALLY matter?


Well, the Superbowl is over. One team lost and the other team won. Does it matter? Seriously. Does it really matter? I suppose you might attempt to argue that I am saying this in order to console myself given that the team I’d support lost. I would laugh and say you are wrong. Technically, when it comes to professional sports, especially football, I couldn’t care less. I find that professional sports tends towards idolatry.

Seriously. Now, answer. Does it really matter? How is the winning or losing of your team of choice going to influence your life? Whether you return to work on Monday or Tuesday, is the outcome of the Superbowl, or even the World Series, going to affect your job. When you return to the warehouse, the office, the checkstand, or whatever your occupational position might be, will the win or loss of the game really affect you and your job? Maybe a little if you work in retail and have a hard time selling souvenirs for the losing team, but that really isn’t a major issue.

Historically, the last time the Chicago Cubs saw a World Series, the United States was contending with the Ottoman Empire. The Cubs have not been to the World Series in over a century and the Ottoman Empire is long extinct. Does this affect our daily lives? Not really. It would be considered amazing if the Cubs were to ever return to the World Series, but it wouldn’t change much of anything.

Truthfully, there has only been one event in history that has ever changed anything major. What event could have happened that would have such an effect on history? Some might argue the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Others might say dropping the bomb on Hiroshima or Nagasaki. Yes. Those were all historic events of far more importance than a sporting event. Yet, they all pale in comparison to what I am referencing.

What event is that? Simple. It was the crucifixion of Christ Jesus upon the cross at Golgatha. This event tore the curtain in the temple (Matthew 27:51). It caused the dead to rise again (Matthew 27:52). However, more importantly, at the cross, Christ Jesus, God with us, died for the sake of our sins. However, he did not stay dead. Rather, on the third day, he arose.

Some doubt this. Some even seek to discredit it. However, this event is the pivotal hinge of all human history. If this event did not happen, then it is all a lie. However, if it did happen, even as it is recorded in the Bible, then everyone of us is accountable to God. However, let me give you a hint, lest you seek to discredit this yourself. The scribes and Pharisees could never bring forth the body, and they knew where he was buried, for they were the ones who sent the guards. If they couldn’t do it 2000 years ago, neither can you do it today, and they were there. Such being the case, there is no evidence that can even remote discredit the Christian faith.

Sports events come and go. Teams win, teams lose. Sometimes teams simply vanish into history, never to be seen again. However, those wins and loses never truly matter, and they may even become lost in the annals of history. Yet, the life, death, and resurrection of Christ Jesus changed history forever. This record is well known and has never been lost. Nor will it ever vanish.

Does the outcome of a sports event affect your life? Probably not. Does the life, death, and resurrection of Christ Jesus affect your life and eternity? Absolutely.

Sporting events are temporal affairs. Only Christ Jesus is eternal. Sport scores will fade away. His word will not. Teams and athletes can be turned into idols. Christ Jesus was truly God in the flesh. In the end, only Christ matters.

So, when you return to work, the wins and loses of a sports team are temporary and forgotten. Don’t let the temporary take you away from what is truly eternal. Don’t fall into the trap of idolatry and turning something temporary into a false God that can’t do anything. Instead, turn to the true God and thank him for what he did at the cross. That is eternal.


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