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Monthly Archives: January, 2015


The human ego is an amazing thing. Somehow we believe that we are the best. Such being the case, we often, and quite mistakenly, believe that we are the right … Continue reading

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The Big Game!

The Superbowl is just a week away. If you work in shipping or if you are a retailer, then you are probably seeing quite a bit of soda and potato … Continue reading

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The View

We all have a “certain” view. Mine is, quite plainly, from the seat of a forklift. I admit, it is not the best view in the world. It is, at … Continue reading

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Promises, Promises.

Promises. We all make them. Sometimes it is a promise to clean up something at home, or to load a particularly nasty piece of freight. Some promises are more related … Continue reading

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Hollywood Gospel

Some things never seem to change. Perhaps that is a good thing. I would be seriously surprised to wake up one morning and find that tires on dry pavement had … Continue reading

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