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The End. Maybe not.

It is New Year’s Eve. People are already celebrating the end of one year and the beginning of another. Me, I am boiling water to make dinner. I am not a party person. Also, I’ve been chaining down I-beams all day, so I am rather tired.

As the year ends, I think ahead to what might be. People are discussing the movie “Back to the Future II”, what the movie got right and what it got wrong regarding 2015 (which still hasn’t happened yet). People are going to experience ups and downs in life, which is completely normal. There are also those who are going to be predicting the end of the world.

End of the World? When?

Oh, itchy trigger? Sorry. I have no prognostication about that. Neither does anyone else who truly understands what the Bible says about the last days. I can tell you when the year will end, but not the world. Sorry to disappoint you.

What is the point of this post? Simply some musings regarding the end of the year and how there have been multiple predictions over this past year regarding the end of everything. Nothing special. In fact, just another ordinary year.

So why write this? Simple. Days, years, and seasons will continue to progress until the return of the Lord. However, there is no point in getting over anxious for his return. Christ Jesus will return to Earth at a day and time that has been appointed by God the father, and that is enough for me. No sense getting into a panic about it.

As the new year begins, don’t let anyone fool you into thinking they know the end of the world. They don’t. Only God does. His plan is written in the Bible. Trust it.

Happy New Year.


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