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Forklift Harmonica


Music. Our lives are surrounded by it. Doesn’t seem to matter if it is the latest heavy metal rap singer or something written nearly a millenium ago, music is a part of our lives. However, there are also times when there are fights over music.

Growing up, I remember a local radio station having what they termed “Stereo Wars”. The basic idea was to call in to the station and call out another group. Supposedly, that other group was then supposed to play their stereo louder than you played yours. This really was only a way to get that other group in trouble.

At work, I often hear various complaints about some of the music heard via the radio by the receiving desk. Oddly, some of those complaining don’t realize how we didn’t get to listen to music at all for a while in the warehouse. Given how the music played is on the local oldies station, it really seems quite petty to me.

As a harmonica player, I am not really keen on most modern music, especially contemporary Christian music. Maybe I’m just old fashioned. I am more inclined to folk and classical music. I know that some people like the beat found in contemporary music, be it secular or Christian. However, it is my opinion, across all genre of music, that the song writing talent is on the decline. I remember hearing songs as a child that told a story. Most songs today seem to be little more than two or three key lyrics repeated over and over, almost in an unending cacophony.

I sometimes wish I could play my harmonica as I work, but that is not exactly practical. I am also aware that my taste in music, and limited playing talent, would likely not go over well. Some of that is because you can’t safely operate a forklift while playing an instrument. Some of that is because my taste in music is not that same as that of my coworkers. Indeed, some of the stuff that some of them like simply makes me feel worthless.

To some degree, I guess we all like music. I also think that though our tastes in music varies, there are some genre I wish we could agree upon. Of course, I would favor anything that could be played well on a harmonica, and I can assure you that there is very little that can’t be played on a harmonica, just not very well.

Really, there is no point to this post. Just some of my thoughts about music, from the view of a harmonica player.



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