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Monthly Archives: November, 2014

Thanks Unforgiving

Some things just don’t belong together, and putting them together is very dangerous, if not volatile. One such example of this is food and corrosives. Simply put, there must be … Continue reading

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Why Me?

Why me? This is a very common question. Usually it is asked when an unpleasant task has been assigned. Honestly, who wants to go outside and chain down a granite … Continue reading

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What is that all about?

What did you do that for? What is that there? How on Earth did you get that up there? These questions sometimes come up when loading freight. Sometimes they come … Continue reading

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Do you believe?

We use all sorts of words. One word in particular has many connotations. That word is “dinosaur”. At work, we might call an older forklift, particularly a large one, a … Continue reading

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Forklift Harmonica

Music. Our lives are surrounded by it. Doesn’t seem to matter if it is the latest heavy metal rap singer or something written nearly a millenium ago, music is a … Continue reading

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