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Tamper seals are quite useful. They help to ensure that a trailer is not compromised. Part of that is because each seal has a serial number. If a given trailer is found to have a seal with the wrong number on it, you can know that there is problem immediately.

Seals have been important throughout most of history. Indeed, in Genesis 38 we read of Judah and Tamar. Tamar was Judah’s widowed daughter in law. Tamar’s previous husbands had done wickedly before the sight of the Lord and had died. Judah had not given Tamar his last heir as a husband, mostly from fear that God would strike him dead. Such being the case, Tamar chose to gain child via Judah by means of deception. Part of her deception was to obtain Judah’s seal, which she would later use against him when accused of playing the part of the harlot. Her gaining his seal and then later using it against him saved her life. Both of them were wrong, but Judah acknowledge his own sin in this matter.

In the book of Daniel, we read of when Daniel was cast in the lion’s den. Not only was the den closed off to prevent escape, the king’s own seal was impressed upon the stone so to ensure that nobody tampered with it. I can only imagine how it must have looked when the seal was broken and the den opened only to find Daniel alive and well. Interestingly, the seal of the king was used much like a modern tamper seal on a trailer.

Considering all the other Biblical references to seals, we actually get back to my post from two weeks ago. In “Marked”, I wrote about marks on the floor of a warehouse, and ultimately about the Mark of the Beast. Interestingly, starting in the seventh chapter of the Apocalypse (AKA Revelation), we read of another type of mark. However, this mark is differently. It is the seal of God upon the forehead of his servants.

In the case of the sealing of the servants of God, it starts with the 144,000. However, let it be noted that this number is indicative of 12,000 males from each of the twelve tribes of Israel (not including Levi, though inclusive of the sons of Joseph). Eventually it calls for the sealing of all the servants of God. Unlike the Mark of the Beast, this is one seal we should all want to be counted worthy of receiving.

In all fairness, those of us who believe in Christ Jesus are already sealed. Indeed, we find this promise written in both the first and third chapters of the book of Ephesians. In it, the Apostle Paul writes of how we are sealed with the promise of the Holy Spirit and this is for the day of redemption. Thus, it is reasonable to presume that if we trust in Christ Jesus, then we are among those servants of the Lord who are sealed.

If we have been sealed of God, then we are assured of salvation and will not see the eternal fires of Hell. Those who choose the Mark of the Beast will suffer eternity in Hell. There is no escaping this. The simple truth is that the right seal is God’s seal. The Mark of the Beast is the wrong seal, and a huge problem.

Christ Jesus died upon the cross to save us from sin and an eternity in Hell. He rose again to conquer death, freeing us from its curse. If we trust and obey him, we will be sealed as his servants. Otherwise, we are asking for trouble.

The wrong seal on a trailer can be a problem for everyone involved with transporting the trailer and the freight within. The wrong seal, or mark, at the return of Christ Jesus will be trouble, and result in an eternity of suffering, for those who reject him. God gave us no other choice. Jesus said very plainly “No man comes to the father, except through me.”

Right seal or wrong seal. Pick.


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