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A Good Deal?

Radio - 1

Life has a way of throwing us a curve. We find something we want and we do what we can to get it. Doesn’t seem to matter what it is, a car, a job, or even a radio. A radio? Yes, a radio. Simple truth, I am a licensed amateur radio operator. However, that is not the point of this, nor is it the point of the picture of the Kenwood TS-430S.

Its funny, we all want something. Doesn’t seem to matter what it is. However, there is always something we overlook when it comes to something we want. Sometimes it is hidden in the fine print of a legal contract. Other times it is something we weren’t told, nor did we think to ask about. That radio is a good example of this. I was not told and I failed to ask ask about the radio’s power supply or connection wires. I made the mistake of thinking it had an internal power supply. Now I am stuck with trying to get power to this radio if I want to use it.

Oddly, our first ancestors had a similar problem in Genesis chapter three. The serpent made them a deal, if you want to call it that. He promised them that if they ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, they would be like God, knowing good from evil. Directly speaking, he didn’t lie. However, Adam and Eve didn’t really evaluate the claims made by the serpent either. We can not be certain of how it went down. We know that Eve was aware of God’s command not to eat the fruit, but we do not know where the idea of not touching it came from. This is likely the part that got them in trouble. Eve ate the fruit having been deceived into this deal, Adam ate it in willful defiance. Yep, they learned disobedience, the root of sin.

Oddly, this hasn’t changed. People are tempted by promises of a good deal today, both directly and indirectly. It may be something that we feel is a good price for something, such as my radio. It may be a particular job with a nice pay rate, though it might have a requirement to either join or leave a particular labor union. It might even be a particular church that makes promises of helping you to grow “closer to God”. Look before you leap!

There are many churches which claim to proclaim the word of God. However, if put to the test, many also fall short and even compromise the word of God. If a church claims tolerance and acceptance, it is likely rejecting those verses of the Bible that declare certain actions/activities as sin. If a church has a specific view regarding method of baptism and a minimum age requirement for it, they are likely rejecting a plain language understanding of Acts 2:38,39.

I readily confess that no church is going to get everything perfectly right. That is fine. However, when they begin making claims that obviously run counter to the Bible, it might be time to run away. God has made certain promises, that are recorded in the Bible. After the flood, he used the rainbow as a sign of his promise not to destroy the Earth again with water. However, the rainbow is thus a sign of God’s wrath on a sinful humanity. However, God also promised, in the third chapter of Genesis, to send a savior. This was our Lord, Christ Jesus.

At face value, many things look like a good deal. However, when we begin to look more closely, we find there are many problems with it. Sometimes, it is those things under the surface, much like an iceberg, that are most important. It bears well to ask questions regarding consequences before accepting a deal.

Me? Yes, I have a problem in that I have a radio that I can not use at the moment. I failed to ask about the power requirements before buying it. As bad as that is, it is trivial compared to not considering the full counsel of God’s word when we hear a claim by a church or pastor/televangelist. Being led astray by failing to consider the actual words of scripture is far worse than my radio problem.

Yes, life is going to throw us a curve from time to time. Yes, we will encounter deals that may prove too good to be true, and likely are. However, with discernment and reason, we can overcome these. Likewise, stay rooted in the word of God, and when Satan and his angels seek to tempt you with a promise, you will be able to see through it.

God promised us a savior. Our savior came, died upon the cross for our sins, and rose again from the dead that we may live with him in Paradise. This is a promise that has a condition. That condition is plain. Repent and believe. God never hid the details in small print. He spelled it out completely in his word. It’s all spelled out plainly in the Bible. This is truly a good deal.


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