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Yes the image is a pillow. There is a reason.

I suppose it is bound to happen eventually. We all get comfortable in a particular job or position within a given company. This was certainly true for me up until about three years ago. In the process of a facility move, my position was eliminated from our local facility. The elimination of my position could have resulted in the loss of my job. Thankfully, my employer felt that I was a valuable asset and opted to keep me and reassign me to another department. For this, I am grateful, though I was reassigned to a position that often feels chaotic and uncomfortable for me. However, I do my best to make things work.

The idea of becoming comfortable in a position is nothing new. It happens to many. Indeed, I know some drivers who are so comfortable in their positions that if something as simple as the seat in their truck has a small tear, they get really upset. Perhaps they are too comfortable in their position?

Odd. In truth, the Christian church in the United States is the same way. Many churches throughout the world are presently experiencing full scale persecution. In the United States, we recently had a religious objection to abortion inducing drugs by a business. However, a business is NOT a church, though a church is a business. Some think that the abortion inducing drug issue is only the beginning. Seriously? Lets dig deeper.

Truthfully, the Christian church in the United States is under attack. However, it is subtle. Sadly, some of the attack is actually from within the church. Externally, we have society attempting to “normalize” things that the Bible calls sin. Internally, we have political squabbling over doctrine and issues of calling a new pastor. Yet, we have not really begun to see full scale persecution here in the United States yet.

The early Christian church encountered persecution from the very beginning. At the first Pentecost, the disciples were mocked as having drunk too much new wine. The Apostle Paul was imprisoned and eventually beheaded for his faith. The Apostle Peter was crucified, and upside down at that. Yes, the church does know what persecution is, but the church in the United States has not truly experienced it.

I am amazed at the number of televangelists who tell us if we pray some prayer or believe some mantra, God will reward us with material abundance. I am further amazed when I am on the internet and I see all sorts of posts on social media regarding the idea that if we truly believe, God will reward us with material abundance. Sorry to burst your bubble, Joel Osteen and the others are heretics. No where in the Bible are we promised material rewards for spiritual actions. Even in tithing, God does promise to bless us, but he never said that the blessings would be material.

Christians in the United States have become too comfortable, and quite spoiled because of it. We are not being rounded up and executed just because we are Christians, like the Romans did before Constantine. We are not being forced to fight lions or gladiators. We are not being crucified or beheaded. Yes, we are mocked and ridiculed by those who believe in evolution and that the only point in living is to accumulate stuff, never mind that all that stuff will just go to somebody else when they die. However, we are not persecuted. At least not yet.

Most readers here probably have never looked down the barrel of an automatic rifle being pointed directly them. I have. That was in 1994. As I sit here today and look at the attacks against the church, I shake my head. Yes, we have many battles raging around us, many threatening to upset and ruin the church. However, none of us are presently facing persecution for our faith. I do not know of a single case in this nation in which somebody is presently in jail simply because they are a believer in Christ Jesus.

Christ Jesus told his disciples “in this life you will have tribulations, but I have overcome the world”. There you go. Jesus warned his disciples there would be trouble. He also warned them that they would be hated for his name’s sake. Yet, he also promised that those who endure to the end would receive a crown of life.

Yes, the political situation in the United States is getting worse. Yes, liberal politicians are working hard to blur the lines that divide church and state (note that such division is not in the US Constitution). However, wide scale persecution has not yet begun in this country. It may yet come, and possibly in our lifetimes. However, it may not come either. Note that nothing in Bible prophecy says anything about the United States during the tribulation, but there is a promise that Christians will be persecuted and executed for their faith during that time.

Being comfortable is nice. Being too comfortable is dangerous. Doesn’t matter if it is on the job or in the church. Being too comfortable is simply asking for trouble. Let me ask, and I don’t want to hear your answer, are you too comfortable? Have you become so comfortable in your job or church that you wouldn’t know what to do if everything fell apart? I hope not. The day may yet come when our faith will be put to the test and we may have to choose our faith or our jobs. I dare not speculate on many will accept losing their jobs for the sake of their faith. However, I do fear the numbers will be quite low.

If this post made you feel a little uncomfortable, good. The Bible warns plainly against those who call for peace and safety. Specifically, sudden destruction will come upon them. Time to question if we are too comfortable. If so, maybe we need to change something.

Incidentally, that pillow is quite comfortable. Glad I gave it away as present.


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