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Wires Down

Modern life is complicated. We have become quite reliant upon electronics for so many things. I must admit that even I use electronics far more than I used to. Then again, I am also of the generation that used to go to the library and actually use books for research projects. Today, people use Google and Wikipedia for research. Honestly, we can not always trust everything written in a book, and even less much of what we see on Wikipedia.

Oddly, this gets more complicated when we look at communications. I will be honest, most of us today do not remember having to call the operator to place a call. However, many of us may still remember using rotary telephones. I am of those who have used a rotary phone and I still have one, though it is not presently in use. I still remember the first time I saw a mobile phone, which was essentially a huge transceiver box with a telephone handset for placing calls. Times have changed.

Today we have the internet. We use it to communicate in a host of different ways. There are blogs (like this one), websites, social media, and even Skype. Yet, despite all these means of communication, it is still quite possible to not get a message clearly, if at all. Even amateur radio, which is not reliant upon a networked switchboard, is not always reliable for getting the message through, and I am saying this as an amateur radio operator.

What does that mean? Truthfully, it would not take very much to cripple our communications grid on a local or national level. The entire system is susceptible to Electro-Magnetic Pulse(EMP). On top of that, the electrical grid is overburdened and some areas are known for periodic brownouts. What does all this talk about communications and possible electrical grid failure have to do with the Christian faith?

When Christ Jesus rose from the dead, communications as we know it today didn’t exist. Indeed, even his death upon the cross may not have necessarily been known by all. It is no wonder the initial reports of Jesus resurrection were laughed at or scoffed upon. It was no wonder that people had a hard time believing. If they had text messaging and Skype, it is still doubtful that they would have believed it.

Even with pictures, such claims would just seem too incredible. Those of who remember when the Titanic was found thought that was incredible, and we even had video. Indeed, until Jesus made his appearance to the disciples, and eventually Saul of Tarsus (later known as the Apostle Paul), things were confused and there was a communications breakdown. In short, nobody really knew what was going on. Doubtless that it would have been worse if they’d had the communication resources we have today.

We only know about this because people felt it prudent to write it down. It is probable that any communication regarding the death and resurrection of Christ Jesus could have been even more confused or lost if nothing had been written down. True, along with the accepted books, there were other writings that some tried to have passed as genuine, which only served to confuse the message. It would not be until nearly 200 AD that much of what would become the New Testament would be sorted out and discerned.

This means that it took awhile before the message could be cleared up. Same thing happens when we have a communications breakdown. It could be some time before the full story comes out, especially when our most relied upon means of communications are down.

Thankfully, prayer doesn’t have any of these issues. God knows our hearts. When we pray, whether out loud or in the quiet of hearts, God hears us clearly and without any confusion. For God, there is no such thing as communications breakdown.

Yes, all of this comes down to prayer. Truthfully, it is the only line of communication that is always open. Prayer does not require any special equipment. No internet, wires, or even radio frequency necessary. It does not matter if its a short prayer or long prayer, God will hear them all.

Why did I write this? Truthfully, at the time of this writing, I am sitting here in Mountlake Terrace and looking at three wires hanging down from a telephone pole. Looking at those wires, I find myself thinking about communications and how they can break down. I am grateful unto God that he hears all prayers. More importantly, he answers all prayers, maybe not as we would have him answer them, but he answers them all the same. There is no communications breakdown due to a downed wire, nor is there ever such a thing as an unanswered prayer.


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