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Faith musings from the seat of a forklift.


You don’t have to work in the shipping industry to see a trailer on the road. Indeed, if you have ever rented a U-haul or other such truck, you have probably seen the inside of a trailer. Now it matters little to me if a trailer is 32, 45, 48, or 53 feet long. Regardless of the length, there really is a lot of space in a trailer. If loaded right, you could easily pack everything in a modestly sized three bedroom house into one of these with room to spare. Oddly, it always seems that no matter how much is packed in, it seems like I miss 1% of the total trailer capacity.

Our universe, in comparison to ourselves, seems quite large. Indeed, the universe is quite expansive. Simple truth, we don’t know how big the universe really is. We have estimates regarding how distant one star is from another, including from our own star to its nearest neighbor, which is Proxima Centauri at 4.24 light years away. However, here is a question, how accurate is that number? Is the speed of light truly constant? We don’t really know. We presume a constant, but we also discuss things that can distort or otherwise alter the speed of light, including differences in terms of a vacuum, in a gaseous environment, and through water.

Given the size of our universe and that there is life on this planet, what of other planets? That is a tricky question. Scientists presume what are called “exoplanets”, that is to say planets outside our solar system that orbit other stars. However, just having a planet orbiting a star is not enough. The planet must sit within what is called the “habitable zone” for there to exist a chance of life. Our own solar system has three such planets, yet only one has life on it. That planet is Earth.

This is not the first time I’ve discussed the origin of life. However, this is the first time I’ve discussed extraterrestrials. Let me note that I am not completely opposed to the idea, but I do make a distinction regarding such things. That distinction includes my belief that our planet is being bombarded with massive deception within this realm of study.

Lets back up. As we are all aware, there are those who believe life evolved on Earth. This includes the evolution of life from non-life, also known as abiogenesis. Statistically, this has been demonstrated as being impossible and there, as of yet, not been a single study or test to prove this belief is even remotely viable. All such tests have actually proven that abiogenesis could not happen at all. This creates a problem for determining where did life come from. One attempt to solve the problem is to move it. This is where we get into extraterrestrials.

Logically, if life evolved on Earth, then it most certainly had to have evolved someplace else, and quite possibly first, or so the idea goes. This, in turn, spawns the idea that highly advanced beings from another star have been and continue to come to our planet, annoying, abducting and taunting us with their presence and technology. However, is any of this true?

MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network, is an organization that catalogs UFO sightings and alien abductions. However, they also hide some reports. These hidden reports are the one that are most interesting, as they are perhaps the most revealing of the whole UFO phenomena. Specifically, there are a set of alien abduction reports in which the abductees reportedly called upon God the Father, Lord Jesus, the Most Holy Spirit, or the Blessed Virgin, and the abduction stopped about as abruptly as it began. Why, we might ask, would MUFON, want to hide these types of reports?

The answer to this is actually quite simple. Understand that we really are talking about extraterrestrials. However, we are not discussing aliens from another planet. In the 1800’s, Alexander Crowley was purported to have seen and drawn the physical manifestation of a demon. He is also quoted as saying “Today they call them angels and demons, tomorrow they will call them something else”. Something else? It may almost seem obvious that this was the plan all along. The demons have always planned to deceive us into believing in aliens from another planet.

In the words of the Apollo 13 astronauts, “Houston we have a problem”. The problem is that of a massive deception by fallen beings who seek to take us to Hell with them. Indeed, in Matthew 25:41 we read of the Lake of Fire that was prepared for the devil and his angels. This is a place of everlasting torment, and Satan is NOT the ruler of it, he is slated to spend eternity there as a prisoner. This is a fate that we should all desire to avoid.

Genesis 1:1 states very clearly that “In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth”. God created the universe in such a way as to show his power and majesty so that we would be without excuse. No place in the Bible does it state that God created life anywhere other than Earth. To date, none of our probes have found evidence of life on Mars or elsewhere in the solar system. Oddly, it is most likely that if they did, it may prove that it originated here on Earth.

We must take God at his word and trust what he claims he did, starting with the book of Genesis and going through the Gospels, where we learn of God’s plan of redemption through Christ Jesus being crucified and buried. Yet, that is not the end of the story. We must further believe that Jesus rose again, ascended to the Father and will return someday to judge all humanity and restore the Earth. Only then can we see past this deception and in seeing past it, we can expose it.

Satan is a called, and rightly so, the “Father of lies”. He has sought for centuries to deceive humanity by lies and conveniences, so that we might reject the truth of God’s plan for humanity. If we stand firm on God’s word, Satan can not overpower or deceive us.

There are those who claim that there is no god. Such are often called atheists. Oddly, they fail to note that they can not prove that God does not exist. True, we who are called Christians can not directly prove that God does exist. We simply believe God based upon his revealed word, that is the Holy Bible. We don’t know what 1% of the universe is. Neither do the atheists. To know what 1% of the universe would require an awareness of the other 99%, something that even NASA can’t claim. However, we who are called Christians can claim that though we don’t know what 1% of the universe is, we do know the God who knows perfectly what 100% of the universe is, because he created it.

Demons have and continue to deceive humanity. Today they pretend that they are being from alien worlds. They seek to deceive us into believing that life evolved on Earth and has also evolved elsewhere, despite all evidence to the contrary. Evolution is one of the best lies that Satan uses to deceive humanity. Demons claiming themselves as aliens from another planet help to perpetuate this lie.

Don’t be deceived. Christ Jesus died upon the cross for your sins. He was buried and he rose again. By trusting him and his word, you can withstand the lies of Satan and his angels,thus you will be able to avoid an eternity in the Lake of Fire.

Perhaps, someday, I will figure out how to completely fill a trailer to 100%. However, as long as I am on this side of the veil of eternity, I will never know what 1% of the universe truly is. However, I am confident in the Lord my God, who knows what 100% of the universe is, down to the smallest particles. If there was life on other planets, he would have told us. He never once said anything about it, and even made it clear that Adam’s sin cursed all of creation. Thus, Adam’s sin brought a curse upon the whole of the universe. Someday the curse will be lifted and someday I will see what 1% and 100% of the universe is. All of this because of what Jesus did upon the cross. What about you?

Demon to Alien

Demon to Alien

The above image shows a demon that Alexander Crowley claimed to have seen and how its image has been morphed into the common image we typically see regarding extraterrestrials.


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