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Monthly Archives: May, 2014

First Commandment?

I don’t particular care what you do for a living. It really isn’t my business. However, I suspect that much like my job, your job has various rules and regulations … Continue reading

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People often seem to have a misunderstanding about who Jesus really was and what he really taught. Even Christians are guilty of this. Indeed, some Christians are even willing to … Continue reading

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Hypocrite Much?

Ever wanted a promotion only to hear “You’re not ready, take this training course and then we’ll talk” only to do so and then hear “OK, you took the course, … Continue reading

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Wires Down

Modern life is complicated. We have become quite reliant upon electronics for so many things. I must admit that even I use electronics far more than I used to. Then … Continue reading

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You don’t have to work in the shipping industry to see a trailer on the road. Indeed, if you have ever rented a U-haul or other such truck, you have … Continue reading

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