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He is Risen!

He is Risen! This proclamation was made on this day 2000 years ago. If is a proclamation that resounds through every church since that time. Even today, many churches still make this proclamation every Sunday.

Last night I wrote “Show Me!”. My point was simple. Two thousand years ago Jesus was executed upon a cross and buried in borrowed tomb. Early on the third day came a stunning proclamation. Aside from a few instances written either written of the prophet Elijah or those occasions in which Jesus had done so himself, the idea of somebody being raised up from the deady bordered on ludicrous. Even today the idea still is looked upon as being preposterous. To the natural mind, it is impossible. Then again, we aren’t necessarily dealing with the natural.

The prophet Elijah prayed to God to raise up the son of the widow whom he stayed with. Jesus raised up the son of a widow, the daughter of a noble, and Lazarus. There was, thus, a precedent for the resurrection. Simple truth, God has always had the final say regarding death. If it were not so, then there would never have been any record or account of anyone being raised up from the dead.

During his ministry, Jesus spoke on several occasions regarding his death upon the cross. Not only did he speak upon it, Jesus spoke openly about it. He reminded Nicodemus about how Moses lifted up the (bronze) serpent and told how he (Jesus) would likewise be lifted up. Jesus told the priests that they could destroy the temple (his body) and in three days he would rebuild it, that is to say he would rise again. Not only did Jesus make it clear he would die upon the cross, he also made it clear that he knew he would rise again.

All those other resurrections were merely a foreshadow of what was to come. Jesus’ own resurrection was meant for us. In his death and resurrection he broke the bond of sin and death for us.

Two thousand years have passed. Nobody has been able to successfully prove that the resurrection did not happen. Why? Very simple. Nobody has ever been able to produce a body nor can they. If it could be done, it would have been on this day two thousand years ago. It couldn’t be done because Jesus is Risen. The tomb is empty.

The day will come when all who have died will be resurrected. Some to everlasting life and others to everlasting damnation. Those are the only options. There is no nirvana or reincarnation. It will either be an eternity in the Kingdom of God or an eternity in the lake of fire. No other options or second chance. Even worse, today is all we truly have, as we do not know if we will breathe our last breath this day or not. If we do not repent today and we die, we are assured eternal damnation. Today is the day of salvation. Even as it is written “”Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins”.

Today is Easter. Without Jesus, it would be nothing. Jesus is the only reason any of have to celebrate. If Christ is not risen then our faith, and our celebrations, are in vain. However, he is risen. This is most certainly true.

He is Risen!




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