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Show Me!

Show me! This is a phrase I use quite often at work. Why? Quite simple. Whenever I am asked to work on something of an unusual nature, I like to look at with my supervisor before I begin. This way I can discuss it with them and come up with an effective strategy for loading it safely. This we actually take a good look at it and discuss what problems could arise and how to ensure that they don’t.

Show me! I also use this with my son when he claims that his homework is done. I want to see it and see if he has made any mistakes or, in the case of a written report, there might be a better way to express something, thus helping him to do better. I also say this when he claims his chores are done, so I can verify he actually has done them and isn’t just trying to get me to unlock his computer so he can play games.

Today is Saturday. Last night was Good Friday and tomorrow is Easter Sunday. Two thousand years ago on this day, Christ Jesus would still be lying dead in the grave. A group of soldiers would be standing outside the tomb to ensure that nobody could enter. Furthermore, as it is the Passover, nobody is particularly interested in going there at this time, as to do so on the Passover would render them unclean. Jesus is dead and in the tomb. There is no escaping this fact…..or is there?

Yes, two thousand years ago today would seem rather dire. The disciples were holed up and scared in a room. Their teacher, whom they had forsaken everything for, had just been executed. A group of skilled soldiers were guarding that tomb, just in case the disciples got it in their heads to steal the body (which would also render them unclean) and then claim he’d risen.

It should be obvious that the tomb was well known. There could be no possible mistake as where Jesus had been lain. The fact that armed and well trained guards were at the tomb further reduces the possibility of error, and the odds of of the body being stolen. There was no possible chance that a group of poorly trained and mostly unarmed (Peter is the only one noted to have a sword) fishermen had even a remote prospect of overpowering a group of soldiers. Not happening.

Then something happened. It would be very early on the third day. The first to come to the tomb would be some women who were intent upon finishing the burial process. Something strange would have happened. The soldiers guarding the tomb would be gone. The tomb, having been previously sealed, would be open and empty, save for a body wrap and head cover (two distinctly separate pieces of cloth, thus making the Shroud of Turin invalid), which were still where he’d been laying.

It didn’t take long before the disciples had heard and two of them had run back to the tomb to investigate. It didn’t take much longer before the reports came in that he’d been seen, alive. Soon the disciples themselves, eventually to include Thomas, would see him. Yes, he had risen.

Show me! The scribes and priests were not comfortable with this news. The Pharisees bribed the soldiers who had previously been guarding to the tomb to claim they’d fallen asleep and that the disciples had stolen the body whilst they slept. Problem. The disciples didn’t have the body. Neither did the Pharisees. Everyone knew the tomb was empty. Either the disciples were lying or the Pharisees were lying. Though not written, Pontius Pilate could certainly be expected to have some concerns for this situation.

If the body of Jesus had been stolen, it would have nothing for Pontius Pilate to have a few of the disciples rounded up and tortured until they confessed. Roman soldiers were quite skilled at execution and torture. It would not have taken them long at all to get a confession of grave robbing and the precise location of the body. Didn’t happen. Record shows that all the discipled, save for John, were executed for their testimony, none of them denying the resurrection.

It has been suggested that it was the wrong tomb. Show me! If it had been the wrong tomb, why the need for the guards? Further, why would the priests need to bribe the guards? If it had truly been that simple, the Pharisees could easily have had a contingent of guards go to the tomb, bring the body out and let everyone see it. BOOM! End of any claims of a resurrection. Didn’t happen. Though they knew full well where the tomb was, they were fully incapable of producing the body.

Show me! It has been two thousand years since that fateful day. The day when the Son of God died upon the cross for your sins, and for mine. In all the centuries between then and now, it has not been done. It can not be done. The quickest and easiest way to destroy the Christian church has always been the same. If it were possible, it would have been done already. The only thing needed to destroy the church is to bring forth the body of Jesus. Logically, if it could have been done at all, it would have been done the moment the reports of the resurrection came. Didn’t happen.

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday. It isn’t about bunnies or eggs. I don’t even know how those got into the story. It isn’t about some pagan deity (Easter is mentioned in Acts 12:4 in the KJV, which other translation render as Passover). It is about the Son of God, who was crucified, died, was burned, and rose again. It is about he who came and died that we may live. It is about the fulfillment of the very first prophecy, as recorded in Genesis 3.

Tonight, we sit in hopeful expectation. Tomorrow we celebrate the resurrection of Lord and Savior. Thomas said “Show me!” Jesus came and showed Thomas that he was indeed alive. Jesus also told Thomas that blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe. Yet, Jesus does show himself to us, when we allow him to impact our lives, and reconcile our will to his.

Unless you know 1% of everything and can prove it, the Bible is absolutely true. Unless you can produce the body and prove it, the resurrection is not a myth, it is a matter of absolute FACT! Think you know better? Show me!

To know 1% of everything is impossible. It means we’d have to have an awareness of the remaining 99%. We can’t even know what 1% of the universe is. The scribes and the Pharisees were there when the crucifixion happened. They were there when Jesus was buried. They knew where he was buried. They were the ones who set the guards. They couldn’t produce the body and had to lie about it. Its been two thousand years. You can’t do it either.

In the morning, church worldwide will proclaim “He is risen, he is risen indeed”. Nothing can change this truth. It has been true for two thousand years and will remain true throughout eternity. Behold, his resurrection is also his assurance that he shall come again.

Show me! Quite a useful phrase when dealing with that which can be seen. Very useful when looking at awkward freight or child’s chores. Not so useful if trying to disprove the savior. A Christian will point you to the empty tomb and how nobody could produce the body. That is all the proof we need. It is all the proof anyone needs. Jesus died on the cross, was buried, and his resurrection assures us of salvation and life. He will come again.

He is risen. He is risen indeed. Alleluiah!


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