Forklift Theology

Faith musings from the seat of a forklift.

From the frame up.

Actually, I am still on vacation. I am sitting in my new recliner and thinking about today’s sermon in church. That being said, I am not really looking at things from the view of a forklift operator today. Rather, I am coming from a different perspective. I am coming at today’s blog from the view of an avid scooterist and amateur radio operator. I am also looking at Old Testament lesson from Ezekiel.

There are a couple of popular children’s songs, though I can remember only a few bit parts from. One of them is to the effect of “them bones, them bones, them dry bones”. The other sings “the foot bone is connected to the leg bone”. I can not rightly remember if these are actually lines from the same song or if they are truly two different songs. Doesn’t matter. In both cases, the songs are looking at bones, which is, for all practical purposes, the frame upon which our bodies are supported.

Frames are also important in scooters and radios, as well as other things. Without a frame to support it, a scooter, radio, or even a forklift (yes, I went there), can not begin to operate. Just like a skeleton, the frame that supports your muscles and tissues, the frame of a scooter acts as a skeleton to support the engine, electrical, and covers. In the same manner the chassis, a type of frame, supports the electronics and cover in a radio. Thus, there is a reason that so much type is spent on the frame or chassis when a vehicle or radio is being restored. The frame is absolutely necessary for the equipment to work right.

Oddly, the Bible is a framework. It is the framework though which we learn of Christ Jesus and his sacrifice upon the cross for our sins. Unless our faith is built upon the foundation of Christ Jesus, it is has nothing to support it. It would be like trying to wire together a radio without a chassis or put together a scooter without a frame. Yes, you might be able to put something together, but it won’t work very well, if at all (a scooter without a frame won’t work). You really do need a frame for it to work. The Bible is the basic frame by which we learn of Christ Jesus, who is the foundation of our faith, and upon that foundation can nothing else be built. You can’t build a car on the frame of a scooter or a telephone on the chassis of a radio, it would not look or work right.

The frame or chassis of a device is the single most important part of a device. The death and resurrection of Christ Jesus is the foundation of our faith, and our faith can not exist without it. Just like a body without a skeleton has no support, so too a faith without Christ Jesus and his sacrifice for our sins.

Just as a skilled technician can restore the chassis, so too can our God restore our skeletons, no matter how little may remain, and then bring us fully back to life in his kingdom. It matters little if there is not so much as a skeleton left, our God can recreate a whole new skeleton and body for us. It won’t matter how long we are dead or how dry our bones have become, as God can and will connect the arm bone to shoulder bone. Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, and so too will he raise us up at the last day. If we believe and obey God’s word, it will be and we shall live forever in his kingdom. Doesn’t matter how banged up and bruised our skeleton is, he will completely restore it and raise us up, just like the skeletons in the book of Ezekiel. This is most certainly true.



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