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Spread the Word

Hello? Are you there? Can you read this? Hey! I have a message for you. We are still here.

This past weekend, the viking doomsday, Rangarok, came and went. Oddly, most of us would never have known it was even supposedly upon us if not for Yahoo! News and social media. Doubtless that nobody is surprised that world did not end. Yet, it is not the end of the world in which my concern for this post is written. That topic will likely be dealt with many times. Rather, I am interested in how we even knew that is was supposedly this past weekend.

Anyone who knows me knows full well that I am passionate about emergency communications. As a license amateur radio operator affiliated with the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) and Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT), I am genuinely concerned with how to get the message out during an emergency. In that regard, I have little respect for the reliance upon mobile media communication devices and the internet or social media. Smoke signals would prove more reliable in the event of a disaster.

In the Bible, Christ Jesus gave his disciples a command. He instructed them to go into the world and preach the Gospel. He was, in effect, telling them to spread the word regarding what he had done by his death upon the cross and rising again from the grave, to save us from our sins. This was a message that needed to get out. This message is so important that in the Lutheran church, we even sing “Thank the Lord and sing his praise, TELL everyone what he has done”. This message is so important that it can not be ignored. Much like a message in an emergency situation can save a life, this message is meant you save you from eternity in Hell.

I don’t think it likely that anyone has missed that I have already given that message. However, let me give that message again. Christ Jesus died upon the cross and rose from the grave. He did that to save us from our sins. Our response should be one of repentance. Yes, I know from watching social media sites that not everyone will repent. Many will burn for eternity in Hell. Indeed, there are even some that actually want that. Is there hope for them? Yes. However, that is the work of the Holy Spirit, we are simply to give and live the message.

What of the viking end of the world? I only found out via social media and only a few hours before it was supposed to have happened. However, I am still here and so are you. The Christian church knows full well it can not set a day nor time in which the Lord shall return. Those who claim themselves as Christians and do so are false prophets. We do not know how long we have. We never have known and will not know until the moment is upon us, and then it will be too late. We need to get the message out NOW!

I have shared that message twice just in this post. I beg of my readers, please share the message. However, I have another message, for those who have not set foot in a church in a long time. Please come back. As I have written in last week’s post, you can not do it alone. Christians are called to live in community, and that is only possible through worshipping together. To forsake worship with fellow Christians and to think you can share the message of salvation makes you a false prophet. The message of salvation can only be shared by those who believe and abide. Anyone else is a heretic and a liar. Please come back while you still have time, or you may find that you never really had the right message to begin with.

The message of salvation is the most urgent of messages. It is the one message in which we need to spread the word, and we can not do it alone. Our Lord Jesus gave us a command to spread the word and that it what we must do. Let us, then, stand firm and share the gospel, not alone, but together. Unlike the date setting of the vikings and other groups throughout the ages, we do not know when the end shall come. However, let us spread the message of the Gospel until that time comes.


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