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Faith musings from the seat of a forklift.

Following orders.

We are all given orders to follow. Sometimes we do not like the orders we are given. Sometimes we are given orders that don’t seem to make sense. There are even times when a given order may even seem to contradict a previously given order. Regardless, the order is there and is usually expected to be obeyed without question and we can usually expect that as long as we do as ordered, we should be fine.

However, it is when we don’t follow orders that we find ourselves in trouble. Adam and Eve certainly could tell you about what happens when you don’t follow orders. Their failure to follow an order cost them their home and brought forth death upon the whole of creation. A lessor known incident of not following orders can be found in 1 Kings 13. In this incident, an unnamed man known only as the Man of God, was given an order by God to speak against Jeroboam. That much he did. However, he was also commanded to go another way and to neither eat nor drink in the place he was in. He failed and it cost him his life.

In the defense of the Man of God, he had, much like Adam and Eve with the serpent, been deceived by a man professing himself a prophet. Indeed, after he had eaten, the one professing himself as a prophet did speak a word of prophecy against the Man of God. Alas, the Man of God went from where he had eaten and was slain by a lion. The man who had deceived him retrieved the body and had it buried, commanding his son to bury him with the Man of God when he died.

In the Bible, we who profess to be Christians are called not to conform ourselves to world. Sad. This past Sunday was Superbowl Sunday. I do not want to speculate on how many millions of people were watching this game. I will, however, state that I wasn’t one of them. I have my reasons. I am not trying to say that watching a sporting event is a bad thing, but there comes a point where it is no longer just an exciting form of entertainment and starts to take on a form of religion unto itself. Be not conformed to this world.

As Christians, we should seek always to abstain from falsehood and to obey that which is the will of God as revealed in the Bible. However, we are not very good at following orders. That is because we have a sin nature. This sin nature makes it natural for us to want to disobey and do what we feel like doing, regardless of whether or not it is right. However, the wages of sin is most assuredly death.

When we follow orders at work, we should expect that, in time, opportunities to hopefully arise for a raise or a promotion. In like manner, if we follow that which God has ordered of us, we can except that we shall receive his blessing and ultimately to inherit eternal life in his kingdom. These are both good things. However, one should not turn their job into an idol anymore than one should turn a sporting event into a religion.

Yes, I am aware that Seattle beat Denver in the Superbowl, yet, it is ultimately a hollow victory. Christ Jesus beat Satan via the cross and the grave, that victory shall shall endure for all eternity. Yet, no victory can exist when we don’t follow orders. The Seahawks followed orders from their coaches, and that was the only reason they won. Christ Jesus obeyed God the Father, securing an eternal victory.

Which victory is going to do you the most good? A temporal victory made by a team of sinners or an eternal victory by the sinless Son of God? I don’t know who the Man of God was in 1 Kings 13, but I would be willing to hazard that if I asked him, he would likely choose the victory that Christ Jesus won via the cross and the grave.


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