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Monthly Archives: February, 2014

Spread the Word

Hello? Are you there? Can you read this? Hey! I have a message for you. We are still here. This past weekend, the viking doomsday, Rangarok, came and went. Oddly, … Continue reading

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I don’t need that.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is important when doing some jobs, such as working with spilled battery acid or in loud spaces. However, as important as such things may be, there … Continue reading

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Boots on the Floor

Something just fell over. Time to jump off the forklift and help clean it up. Looks like that bag of flour is ripped. Looks like we’ll need to tape it … Continue reading

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Following orders.

We are all given orders to follow. Sometimes we do not like the orders we are given. Sometimes we are given orders that don’t seem to make sense. There are … Continue reading

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