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Where did that come from?

Hooray for mystery freight! You just have to love freight that shows up in a black trailer that is backed into the dock and there is no truck attached and no paperwork. On top of that, the tamper seal is of the type that must be cut off with a pair of bolt cutters. These are the trailers that the very first question asked is “Where did that come from?” Invariably, the only way to find out is to open it. Usually, once the trailer is open, there will be documentation regarding where the trailer came from, what it contains, and who to contact if there are any additional questions, which there usually are quite a few.

Our world is no different. Nobody really knows where it came from. Nobody was there when it was formed. Nobody was there when the dry land came forth from the sea. Nobody was there when the first rains fell or when the stars first gave off their light. Nobody was there to witness any of this, except God. God was there, as he is the one who created everything.

In a few weeks, Dr. Ken Ham will be debating Mr. Bill Nye. Why is this important? Simple. Bill Nye believes (yes, an act of faith) that science that answer all the questions we have. Never mind that scientists are constantly changing what they “believe” as the evidence continues to grow, never once confirming their most precious of beliefs, namely that we evolved from, quite literally, nothing. Bill Nye, and others like him are atheist who have placed their faith in science, thusly making science their “god”. Sadly, this “god” never gives them a good answer. Worse, it keeps changing the answer. Why? Quite simple. Their “god” is not really a god at all and was not, quite frankly, there when the world was formed.

Those of us who are Christians are in better shape. Our God was there. How can we know? We know from his own testimony, starting with the book of Genesis. God had Moses record an account of the creation of the world and all that is in it. This account also explains where sin came from and begins the record of God’s promise to redeem his creation. This promise would be fulfilled roughly four thousand years later, when Christ Jesus died upon the cross for our sins.

If the book of Genesis is not enough. Christ Jesus, God in the flesh, affirmed what was written in Genesis. True, he was being questioned about marriage. However, in answering the question, Jesus not only quoted Moses, he quotes specifically from the book of Genesis and the account of the creation. Jesus was there when the world was created, so there is no possible why that he could have been mistaken about how it happened or when. If anybody was there who could possibly tell us what happened, it was Jesus, and he simply affirmed that which was written of by Moses. Thus, the account of Moses must be true.

Evolutionists argue constantly regarding how they don’t have enough evidence yet or how the evidence is wrong. If the evidence isn’t wrong, then they argue that the test method is wrong. Sadly, evolutionists have the exact same evidence as the creationists. Sadder still, that evidence exists here in the present, not some seventeen million years ago, if such a period of time can be said to have even exists. Indeed, there is no real evidence for anything beyond six thousand years. Radiometric testing results that do not give the expected dates (usually in hundreds of thousands or millions of years) are routinely rejected. Why? Because it was predetermined before radiometric testing that the item “must” be from some time so inconceivably far into the past that any result saying otherwise is simply unacceptable. This is quite common with dinosaur bones, which are now being found to still have soft tissues in them, which typically can not survive more than couple thousand years before completely decaying (thus ruining any chance of a “Jurassic Park” if dinosaurs truly lived millions of years ago).

In short, evolution is lie. It is a lie that was devised to displace God and make man the king of creation. Sadly, it is a lie that leads to murder, suicide, and other abominations. This lie truly has its origins with Satan, but Satan introduced to those with itching ears and a desire to stray from God’s standard of truth. Sadder is that on the last day, when all are called upon to give an account of every word spoke, the disciples of evolution will be made stand accountable for the lies of Satan that they helped to spread. For them, there will only be one final destination, the Lake of Fire.

We may not always know where a given trailer freight comes from when it first arrives. However, there is usually documentation to tell us where it come from and where it is going. In like manner, there is documentation to tell us where this world comes from and where it is going. What is that documentation? It is nothing other than the Holy Bible. This is God’s inspired and infallible word. This documentation does indeed tell us how the world came into being and how it will end.

The question is left with you. Who do you trust to tell you how the world began and how it will end? Some imperfect flawed human who calls themselves a “scientist” and, like the ancient patriarch Job, wasn’t there to see it, but supposedly knows how the world began? Such a person is a liar. They were not there and could not see it, thus they can not know. What about a holy God who was there and did see it? He whom walked the streets of Bethlehem and Jerusalem is also he who made the world. Indeed, do you trust fallible human beings, who can’t see past those letters at the end of their name, or the God who gave Moses the full account of how the world was made. Which ever one you believe will affect your world view. Only one has a true witness. The other is lie made by men who willfully blame themselves from the truth. Don’t be fooled. Christ Jesus, our creator, died on the cross for your sins. To accept evolution is to reject Christ and to damn yourself to the fires of Hell. You will have nobody to blame, save yourself, if you refuse to accept God’s truth.


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  1. mike sparrow

    Really enjoyed this Chris.

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